Digital Learning Solutions

Graphic depicting Digital Learning Function

Our Vision is to create best in class digital learning experiences that prepare students, faculty, staff, and community partners to perform at work and learn at work.

  • diversify learning modalities and
  • encourage digital literacy for faculty, staff, and learners

To achieve our vision, we will need to re-engineer and improve the way we teach and support our Trocaire learning communities.

Our purpose, first and foremost, is to serve all Trocaire learning communities.  We serve by acting as collaborative, consultative partners so that we can collectively achieve program learning outcomes and support transformational learning environments.

Graphic depicting 5 Strategic Imperatives

To that end, we’ve identified 5 Strategic Imperatives:

  1. Foster a digital learning mindset in teaching and learning across the institution
  2. Ideate, innovate, and collaborate with internal and external resources, expertise, and partnerships
  3. Deliver engaging and digitally enriched curriculum – modify and enhance to best leverage digital technologies in the design, development and delivery of our degree programs and expand our academic portfolio.
  4. Provide faculty and staff training and performance support tools that advance digital literacy and usage.
  5. Support our students and learning communities to become productive professionals in a digital age

Graphic depicting Collaborative Partner

Our guiding principles establishes a framework for our role as a collaborative partner for the college community.

Meet your Digital Learning Team

Shayne Bauer Ellsworth

Shayne Bauer-Ellsworth
Director of Digital Learning

Jess Taylor

Jess Taylor
Instructional Designer