BS, Nursing at Trocaire: Commonly Asked Questions

As you consider your options for pursuing your next steps and possible BS in Nursing degree, we thought it might be helpful to see some commonly asked questions and the real deal answers to them.

Q: Why does it appear some schools require a clinical/field experience in the BSN and some don’t – aren’t all BSN programs equal?


A: Some BSN programs call their clinical experience an “external learning experience” or something else. But, at the end of the day, it is still required hours the student enrolled in the program needs to complete at an off-site facility as part of a course requirement. What it is called is merely different wording. Trocaire only requires 135 hours of off-site Nursing experiences whereas some competitor schools that call theirs an “external learning experience” and segment them out into 60 credit hour requirements in 3 courses that actually require 180 off-site experience hours – 45 more than Trocaire! Trocaire will also assist you in selecting your off-site location too, taking that stress off your shoulders.

**Check out each schools’ course descriptions for BSN course requirements in their catalogs carefully. You will often see these “external learning experiences” labeled as a “Practice Lab I, II, III” or something similar and the hours needed in each should be depicted. Know before you go!

Q: Trocaire doesn’t offer the same discount as some other schools for RN-BSN programs, why would I pay more?

A: Every school is unique, right down to tuition fees and financial aid. While some schools’ stated discounts may seem attractive, be sure to get a full financial aid award package put together for you from each school so you can truly compare final, out-of-pocket costs. A discount may be more at one school but that school’s tuition may also be higher, thus not being the lowest cost to the student. Every student’s situation will be unique for every school. See the example below:

 School ATrocaire
Tuition (2021-22)$30,590$18,340
Trocaire Alumni Discount30% off of 6 credits/year
RN Discount 50%20%
Out of Pocket Cost$15,295/year$12,802.40/year

Trocaire offers a discount for RNs looking toward our BS in Nursing program, additionally there is an extra 30% discount off of 6 credits per year for Trocaire alumni, contact your financial aid advisor at Trocaire to see if you qualify and to get your FA award package so you can compare bottom line costs to you:

Terry Adamczyk
Financial Aid Advisor

Q: I heard Trocaire doesn’t take as many transfer credits as other schools, why should I take courses over again?

A: Trocaire recently reevaluated the upper level courses and equivalents for those required in the BS in Nursing program, offering more flexibility in transferring in credits than ever before. Many students have found they can bring in more transfer credits than previously known with these new equivalencies. Be sure to get an updated credit evaluation asap before you make any decisions. Stop by the Admissions office to get your credit evaluation rolling or email us at

Q: Why should I choose Trocaire’s BS in Nursing Program?

A: There are lots of reasons! First of all, we would love to have you. Trocaire’s small size and huge ‘heart’ make this a learning environment our students can thrive in. If you are an RN alum the transition is an easy one – you already know the school, the faculty, the multitude of resources. If you are not an alum, we welcome you with open arms and will make the transition easy for you too. While the program is on-line it’s nice to know that if you needed face-to-face interaction or on-campus assistance you can easily get it without worrying that your school is 100-1000 miles away. And, let’s not forget about the WNY connection. Nurses are our home town heroes and Buffalo sure knows how to celebrate and employ them. We boast over an 80% job placement rate of our BS in Nursing students within 6-12 months of graduation. The employment opportunities in this community our exploding and doing our program over one in a different city or state means being placed in field experiences with potential employers in the community you want to work and live in.