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Make your opportunity.

Careers of achievement and lives of purpose begin at Trocaire College.

You want more. To learn and evolve. To make a difference in your life. And to do the same for others.

You’re ready to do great things. You’re ready for a challenge. You’re ready for your future. You’re ready for Trocaire College.

Trocaire is a private, career-oriented college based in the legacy of our founders, the Sisters of Mercy. Here, you’ll get the specialized training and hands-on experience you need, as well as so much more. You’ll also gain the support and flexibility that you truly need to undertake this challenge.

We’re proud to be the number one private ranked school in Western New York for both affordability and return on investment.

We’ll nurture your ambition and desire to help others so that you become a graduate of choice, ready to obtain a high-paying position in the world of healthcare or technology.

This is where lives are transformed. Start yours now.

Outcomes Brochure

“I love every day I go to work. There’s never a day where I don’t learn something new. Even if I do the same surgery as yesterday, every patient offers a new and exciting opportunity to keep learning.”

Lisa M. Pease ’18
Surgical Technician

Health and Technology Professions Viewbook

“People may ask, ‘Can I go back to school with work and a family?’ You definitely can. And it’s not just because of the flexibility Trocaire offers. Flexibility only goes so far. It’s because of the support.”

Jenna Kendzierski ’17
Cardiac Sonographer

“I stepped off the bus on a high school trip, saw the campus, felt the energy in the building, and immediately knew this was the only place I wanted to attend.”

Ky Ly ’17
Health Information Technology Coding Technician

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