What Students Are Saying

“Service and refleshutterstock_186131135ction is a beneficial way to incorporate the community into our coursework. It helped me to discover my reasons for becoming a nursing student. I learned that I enjoy helping people not only through nursing care, but through service as well.”

Nursing student served at Seneca Health Care Facility


I absolutely loved the experience I had during my time at the Boys and Girls Club! At first I thought that the service learning project was just another task to perform during an already busy semester. However…I learned so much from these children and enjoyed my time with them so much that I was offered by the director to come back to volunteer or even work there this summer! Thank you so much for incorporating this into the nursing program. This has opened my eyes to importance of community nursing and how much the community can benefit from our services. Thank you for all that you do!” Nursing student served at Boys and Girls Club


“This experience has opened my eyes to a problem I knew existed, but didn’t quite feel connected to. It’s one thing to think there are homeless children in the world, and it is another thing to actually see them, talk to them, and help them. I have a new appreciation for myself and for the things in my life…”

Nursing student served at Compass House


“[Service learning] reminds me that we were all put here to make a contribution. Nothing is as important as the bonds we form with others. It has helped me rediscover that I have a desire to help and serve my fellow human beings.”

Surgical Technology student served at Brothers of Mercy


“I am incredibly thankful for the experience and all that I have gained from it [service learning.] It reinforced many things that Trocaire has taught me over the years and gave me a great outlook on the services that are out there for people and families in need. This experience showed me that there is so much that I have learned and will forever be able to take with me along the way throughout my future nursing career.”

Nursing student served at Harvest House


“This experience has affected me greatly. I feel I am less judgmental and more empathetic. I noticed I have stopped jumping to conclusions about people and am able to me more sympathetic to their needs and demands.”

Nursing student served at Harvest House