Leadership Certificate Program

The Trocaire College Leadership Certificate Program is CURRENTLY UNDER REVISION.  If you have questions, please email Associate Director of PLC and TOP, Kim Kerrigan, kerrigank@trocaire.edu.



The Leadership Certificate Program is intended help students become change agents by identifying their strengths and leadership style while preparing students for leadership roles and responsibilities not only on campus, but also in life-long career and community.

The Leadership Certificate Program consists of five core modules, four supplemental workshops, a daylong conference, and evidence of a leadership role in a student’s community through the capstone project. Workshops vary in days and times to allow students to choose a workshop that fits their schedule. Students will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the program.

How to Earn the Leadership Certificate:

Step 1: Complete an Application

Complete an application online by submitting the registration form below.

Step 2: Participate in Leadership Modules & Workshops

These mandatory workshops vary in days and times in order to allow students to choose a workshop that fits their schedule. Students will be enrolled in a virtual course to complete these workshops and are encouraged to participate in supplemental workshops offered semesterly.

Mandatory Leadership Workshops to complete:

  • Leadership 101: An Introduction to Leadership
  • Your Leadership Style: Leadership Assessment & Development
  • Habits of Highly Effective College Students
  • Communication & Conflict Resolution
  • Leadership in the Workplace (Team Dynamics and Understanding Your Team)

Supplemental Leadership Opportunities to complete:

Students are required to choose four (4) supplemental leadership opportunities while enrolled in the program from the topics listed below:

  1. Cultural Competency Certificate Program Workshop, Program, or Training
  2. Career Competency Certificate Program Workshop – Resume Writing
  3. Academic Workshops provided through the Palisano Learning Center
  4. Workshops provided through the TR

Step 3: Attend the WNY Student Leadership Conference

The annual conference will be announced in the fall semester. Registration information to follow. Reimbursement for registration fee will be given after you attend the conference. After the conference, attendees must submit a one page reflection on what they learned at the conference and how they will apply the knowledge.

Step 4: Submit evidence of a leadership role in the community

Whether you are involved in a campus club or a community organization, submit evidence of leadership in your community as the final step of the program.

Evidence includes:

  • Leadership related certification
  • Completion of a leadership program
  • Letter of reference from supervisor/more senior staff member
  • Proof of leadership position in organization or at Trocaire College

Step 5: Complete the Leadership Capstone Project

Apply the leadership skills and learnings from the program to an on-campus or community leadership project. Students will work with the Director of Student Engagement to develop and implement a leadership project based on their interests to capture their knowledge and application of leadership.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Participants will learn established and evolving theoretical, conceptual, and philosophical frameworks of leadership
  • Participants will understand the distinction between management and leadership
  • Participants will develop and awareness and understanding of various leadership styles and approaches
  • Participants will develop their personal leadership philosophy and style

Evidence of Competency:

The following items can be included in your portfolio once you have completed the program

  1. Personality Assessment
  2. Leadership Assessment
  3. Post certificate evaluation
  4. Reflection of WNY Student Leadership Conference
  5. Personal qualification statement
  6. Leadership Capstone Project
  7. Certificate of Completion
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If you have questions, please email Kim Kerrigan, kerrigank@trocaire.edu.