Mission, Service & Campus Ministry and Mercy Action Project (MAP)

“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.”

~ Aristotle

As an institution of higher education, we strive to create a community-based learning environment where self-discovery, human dignity, and professional competence are natural outgrowths of engagement in the classroom and on campus. Through engagement with the broader community, we seek to cultivate in our students awareness of the world and the development of social consciousness rooted in service, justice, and mercy.

Mission Statement

Trocaire College Trocaire College, a private career-oriented Catholic college in the spirit of the Sisters of Mercy, strives to empower students toward personal enrichment, dignity, and self-worth through education in a variety of professions and in the liberal arts.  Recognizing the individual needs of a diverse student body, Trocaire College provides life learning and development within a community-based environment. Trocaire College prepares students for service in the universal community.


Trocaire College’s mission, to create a community of learning in which students are empowered to discover themselves and gain access to professions in their chosen field, is firmly rooted in our desire to improve the quality of life of those students we serve. The Director of Mission, Ministry and Service acts as the college’s mission officer, overseeing the Office of Community-Based Learning, and providing both pastoral care and campus ministry programming to students.

Growth Through Service

Trocaire College offers an education that prepares graduates to take their place in the world beyond our walls. Service through the Mercy Action Project is part of that preparation.


MERCY ACTION PROJECT – what is it and why have it?

Dedication to our community is strong. To promote a culture committed to personal enrichment and service in the spirit of the Sisters of Mercy and in keeping with the mission, values, and tradition of Trocaire College, all students will complete a Mercy Action Project (MAP) co-curricular learning experience as a graduation requirement. The purpose of MAP is to:

  • Support student learning while meeting community needs in ways that uphold the mission of Trocaire College
  • Promote student success by enhancing civic engagement, personal reflection, and academic growth
  • Encourage a college-wide culture of service
  • Foster citizenship, academic and social skills, and Mercy values
  • Be mutually beneficial to the student, community partner, and recipients of service

Students in all programs (Certificate, Associate, Baccalaureate) must complete at least one (1) MAP learning experience prior to completing their program in order to be eligible to graduate. MAP is a tuition-free, non-credit, value-added, co-curricular learning experience. MAP provides service opportunities that integrate the College’s mission through an action-reflection approach that connects service to a student’s career path.

MAP components include:

    • Understanding Trocaire’s Mission (Mission Workshop)
      • Covers College mission, vision, and core value outcomes; Mercy heritage and history of Trocaire; MAP procedures
    • Living Trocaire’s Mission (12 hours of Service in the Community)
      • Related to student’s academic program
    • Integrating Trocaire’s Mission (Reflection/Debrief)
      • Students will also complete a reflection piece for assessment


Living the Mercy Tradition

“We witness Mercy when we reverence the dignity of each person, create a spirit of hospitality, and pursue integrity of word and deed in our lives.”  ~ Catherine McAuley

The Mercy tradition is comprised four characteristics – regard for the dignity of the person, academic excellence and life-long learning, education of the whole person (mind, body, spirit), and compassion and justice towards those with less – we believe service fosters these characteristics of Mercy.

Learn more about Catherine McAuley and her rich Mercy legacy!


Trocaire College is a member of the Western New York Service Learning Coalition, a collaboration of colleges, universities and community organizations that work together to strengthen campus-community partnerships and promote student engagement in the community.



Bob Shearn
Director of Mission, Service and Campus Ministry




Colleen C. Steffen

Coordinator of Community-Based Learning