Student FAQ

You have lots of questions. Don’t worry, that’s totally expected. This is a big moment in your life and a big investment. We are here to help. We have answers and can guide you along your way and help navigate your next steps. Check out our FAQs below and see if we can help.

How do I know if my class is online or on campus?

Class location, whether online or on campus, can be found on your schedule. Classes with an indication under “Room#” of online or remote mean the course is offered online and you do not have to come to campus for it. Classes with an indication under “Room#” that say MAINXXX or SenecaXXX or TTIXXX mean they are in-person and at one of the campuses indicated. This means you do have to come in-person to class.

My class is remote/online but has a time listed, what does that mean?

Remote/online classes with a specific day and start and end time mean you do have to login in and be present for the specified time, i.e. 8am-9am = logon at 8am for online/remote class. These are sometimes called “synchronous”.

Remote/online classes without a specific day and start and end time mean you will be assigned work on a weekly basis with deadlines where applicable but you do not have to ‘attend virtually’ on a specific day/time. These are sometimes called “asynchronous”

How do I know who my advisor is?

New students are assigned advisors based on their last names. Student may also contact the Office Administrative Assistant, Abby Sullivan, for assistance at or 716.827.2577:

Christie Baynes
Student Service Advisor (A-F) | 716.827.2528

Archangela (Congie) Kervin
Student Service Advisor (G-M) | 716.827.2430

Margaret (Peg) Babcock
Student Service Advisor (N-Z) | 716.827.2547

Where do I get my college ID?

College IDs can be obtained by stopping by the security desk located next to the book store in the front lobby of the Main campus.

How do I know what books I need for class?

Book lists for classes are available at the Trocaire Barnes and Noble bookstore on-campus or online.

Students are able to buy or rent textbooks. To avoid lines, consider coming to campus before classes start to obtain your books.

Where can I buy my uniform and when do I have to start wearing it?

Uniforms can be purchased at the Trocaire Barnes and Noble Bookstore on campus. Each program varies with regards to when students must wear their uniforms. In general students must wear their uniforms when the go to clinicals as well as simulation days. Students should consult each programs handbook for detailed information.

I did the on-line general orientation already, does my program have another one that is specific to my major?

Some academic programs have additional orientations at the start of each semester that is a requirement for new students and attendance is taken. More information on program orientations can be viewed on-line.