Trocaire Launches Student Leadership Certificate Program

Trocaire’s Office of Student Life has launched a new initiative to help students develop their leadership abilities and enhance their career readiness: the Leadership Certificate Program.

“College students have the unique opportunity to learn and lead during their time at higher education institutions, which is an experience that’s difficult to replicate after graduating,” explained Tom Vane, director of Student Engagement. “Gaining leadership knowledge and experience while still in school can set a student apart once it’s time to find a job.”

The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) released its 2019 Career Readiness fact sheet, created by a task force comprised of representatives from both the higher education and corporate sides. The document highlights eight core competencies associated with career readiness for the new college graduate. Leadership is one of those core competencies.

Trocaire’s Leadership Certificate Program provides students an opportunity to develop interpersonal skills; assess and manage their strengths; build collaborative relationships; and organize, prioritize, and delegate work.

Vane said the Leadership Certificate Program was created with the busy lives of Trocaire students in mind. To be certified in the program students must attend five leadership workshops (in no particular order); attend the WNY Student Leadership Conference (paid for by Student Life); and finally submit evidence of a leadership role in the community, whether that’s a letter of reference or proof of a leadership position.

“Employers recognize the skills learned in a leadership program and respect the initiative to certify one’s self,” Vane said. “With leadership experience on your resume, you’re more likely to get the attention of a hiring manager. Leadership experience is also a great talking point during interviews.”

Fall 2019 Leadership Certificate Program workshops are already underway. To learn more or to register, visit