Alumni Guest Blog: Beth DiPalma | Massage Therapy

Beth DiPalma ‘16

Massage Therapist at Corto’s Salon and Spa, Hamburg
Age 28


The benefits of massage therapy education at Trocaire really revolve around three things: small class size, faculty and the externships.

Class Size

The class size allows for more one-on-one attention and creates a better learning environment. You are not just a student number at Trocaire. You are a person that the faculty really wants to see succeed. Even post graduation, I was able to reach out to my instructors for assistance as I settled into my new career and prepared for my board examination. To this day, they are the most caring group of individuals I have ever met.


The externships are extremely unique to Trocaire. It allowed me to experience different massage settings besides your typical in-school clinic. I worked with clients at Roswell, Hospice, a chiropractic clinic and several spas. Each setting had its own set of clients with different types of needs. I really feel the externships make a Trocaire grad more employable. It is an excellent part of the program.

Faculty and Staff Support

Trocaire is a great place to earn your degree. It is a close-knit community compared to larger institutions. I never encountered one staff or faculty member who wasn’t willing to help me out with whatever I needed. Trocaire also provides a ton of resources to help you succeed before and after graduation. For example, Trocaire paid for a full-day course the summer after my graduation to help the massage students pass their board exams. This was a key component to me passing my exam on the first try. I’m extremely grateful to have been part of the Trocaire community.


What’s a Massage Therapy Career Like?

What I like best about my massage therapy career is that I spend my days helping people feel better, and that people look forward to seeing me. Nothing beats going into the waiting area to grab my next client and just see their face light up or being told “I’ve been waiting all day for this”. I have many clients who have extremely stressful jobs, who are dealing with sickness, and who are full-time caregivers to other people. If I can give them an hour to themselves to just relax and recharge, I’ve done my job.

What originally attracted me to the massage therapy career was the medical aspect of it. Besides helping people relax, I enjoy working with clients who are dealing with injuries and those recovering from surgery. The best part of this side of massage is seeing the progression the client makes after each session, and how thankful they are to be getting back on their feet.

I was hired at my current job a couple weeks before I even graduated. They took me on as a provisional massage therapist once I finished classes. A provisional massage therapist is someone who has a permit and works closely with a licensed massage therapist until passing the board exam.

My future plans are still up in the air. I absolutely love where I work, but I would be lying if I said it wasn’t a dream of mine to have my own place eventually. A huge dream of mine would be a part of a “one stop” wellness place that included massage therapists, physical/occupational therapists, chiropractors, dietitians, fitness classes/yoga, etc.


Did You Know?

Employment of massage therapists
is projected to grow 26% through 2026.

Trocaire’s newly reimagined certificate is Western New York’s fastest, most efficient route to completing your massage therapy education. Our students enjoy a dependable schedule, with no nights and no weekends required for classroom or clinical work.

Graduates of the program will be eligible to sit for the NYS board licensure exam. Once licensed, graduates have wide-ranging career options that include wellness massage in spas, resorts, and cruise ships; sports massage in health clubs; medical massage in hospitals, rehab centers and chiropractic offices; stress-management massage in corporate offices; and owning and operating private practices. This fascinating, flexible, hands-on career is for anyone who wants to help people discover the power of preventative, proactive care.

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