Celebrating Our Graduates

Welcome to the OFFICIAL  Virtual Graduation Celebration hub!

The May 2021 graduation celebration celebrates the achievements of our spring and summer graduates.

Our Virtual Graduation Celebration launched LIVE on Sunday, May 16, 2021 at 1:00 PM EST via YouTube and Zoom Watch Party.

Digital Copy of the Commencement Program

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As we continue in sustainability and following the Mercy Critical Concern of Earth, please find a digital copy of our program for the May 2021 graduation celebration.

Digital Commencement Program

Please note that the names listed in the program do not constitute an official list of graduates. Appearance of names does not guarantee successful completion of degree requirements.


Our graduates are thankful for their support system who helped them achieve their degrees and certificates. Check out the graduate slideshow featuring graduates who submitted their thank yous.


Thank you to over 70 graduates who voted to hear from some of their favorite professors during their time at Trocaire! 

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For more information regarding graduation and information regarding diplomas, health records, and transcripts, visit the Commencement Information page.

December 2020 Graduation Celebration Archive

December 2020 Celebration Video

View the December 2020 Digital Programsixty fourth commencement

This program does not constitute an official list of graduates. Appearance of name does not guarantee completion of requirements.

December 2020 Graduate Slideshow

December 2020 Alumni Congrats

December 2020 Campus Family Congrats

December 2020 Celebration Contest

Thank you to our graduates who submitted how they will be celebrating their graduation. From spending time at home with family to being at work and celebrating with co-workers – each of your celebration plans is exciting!

Our Commencement Committee team reviewed all submissions and selected the following students to win $100 GrubHub Meal Credits:

Michael Patterson
Sandra Andujar
Destiny Goff
Ashley Ryann Beutel
Kristi Swiderski
Congratulations! Check your email to confirm the $100 Grub Hub credit. Enjoy your meal.