Trocaire Earns High Marks for Return on Investment

Our graduates already know that a Trocaire College education is worth the cost. After all, Trocaire degrees lead to careers in high-demand fields like healthcare, business, hospitality and technology, with earnings above Buffalo’s median income.

However, a recent report from Georgetown University’s Center on Education and the Workforce makes it official. The report ranked 4,529 colleges and universities nationwide—including private and public, two-year and four-year—by students’ return on investment (ROI): the economic gain from a college education.

One way of measuring ROI and the value of a college credential is by net present value (NPV). The report explains NPV this way: “The net present value is how much a sum of money in the future is valued today.” This metric includes costs, future earnings, and the length of time it would take to invest and earn a certain amount of money over a fixed horizon.

Out of four-year private colleges in Western New York, Trocaire ranks #1 in 10-year NPV (#290 overall).

Though Trocaire offers four-year degrees, it benefits from its similarities to two-year institutions for this short-term metric. Community colleges, other two-year institutions and many certificate programs have the highest return on investment because they generate strong earnings quickly after students finish their credentials,” the report explains.

Notably, it also ranks in the top 50% of its regional peers in the longest-term metric measured: the 40-year NPV (coming in at #1017 overall).

Trocaire’s tuition is the lowest for four-year private colleges in Western New York. In addition, more than 90 percent of Trocaire students receive some form of financial aid, including scholarships, grants, loans and work study opportunities.

 “We work hard to keep a Trocaire College education accessible to as many people as possible,” said Trocaire President Dr. Bassam Deeb. “The degrees our students earn help them change the trajectory of their lives, from their first post-graduation job through decades of career growth. We’re proud to be the key that helps so many Western New Yorkers unlock better lives for themselves and their families.”

To learn more, check out the full report here.