Trocaire College Announces $3 Million Endowment Campaign

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Funding the Future for WNY campaign at 75% of its goal

Trocaire College announced today the public launch of a $3 million endowment campaign – Funding the Future for WNY. The campaign is intended to help close the gap Trocaire students face in funding availability for tuition after all financial aid is applied.  To date, the endowment has raised almost 75% of its goal.

“The soft phase of our endowment has been a huge success and we are confident that we will meet our $3 million goal by the end of the year based on commitments and our ongoing solicitation of donors,” said Bassam Deeb, Ph.D., president, Trocaire College.  “Our students are not only attending college, but most are also working to make ends meet and many are raising a family so it’s imperative that we do our part in fulfilling our mission as an opportunity college to help mitigate their tuition costs.”

On average, a Trocaire student faces a gap in funding of about $5,500, which can be an insurmountable obstacle when also paying for rent, childcare, transportation, and food.

“Our students seek the opportunity at Trocaire to improve their circumstances through careers of achievement and lives of purpose, filling local jobs in healthcare, business and technology,” Deeb continued.  “If they have the financial means to graduate they will have a good paying and family sustaining career opportunity waiting for them. We have a responsibility to make sure that happens.”

Donors have a variety of options to choose from when making a gift to the campaign in the form of named scholarship endowments and general scholarship endowment or towards supporting special purpose projects around innovation & excellence or capital improvements. For more information or if interested in contributing to Trocaire’s Funding the Future for WNY campaign, please contact the Office of the President at 716-827-2423.