Student Life Update: Voting Registration Deadline Approaches

If you’ve walked through the hallways on Choate, Seneca, or Transit, you may have encountered Student Association sitting at a table promoting voter registration. The midterm election is Nov. 6. This general election will decide who controls the Senate and House. The deadline to register to vote in that election is coming up quick–it’s Oct. 12.

Young voters account for half of the voting population, making them a powerful political force. Today the voting population includes almost equal parts millennials and baby boomers. Unfortunately, not all who can vote will, meaning that fewer young people will directly influence issues that may affect their lives for years to come.

Many people cite the reason for not participating in elections to feelings that their vote doesn’t count. In America, every vote counts, especially those from one of the country’s largest voting groups. Some elections in recent years have come down to just a few votes (Minnesota senator Al Franken won by just 312 votes in 2009), proving your vote does count–maybe more than you realize.

It’s also easier than ever to be an educated voter. I recommend going to to learn more about the candidates.

Trocaire College has a focus on increasing its number of student voters. One of those reasons is the Sisters of Mercy Critical Concerns. The Sisters of Mercy were founded out of a deep concern for persons who are poor. Today, that commitment is focused in five “Critical Concerns” that are addressed through prayer; attention to personal, communal and institutional choices; education; advocacy with legislators and other government leaders; and corporate engagement. The five concerns are: Earth, Immigration, Nonviolence, Racism, and Women. All of these concerns are connected to legislation, and your vote impacts what actions are taken.

So please, mark down Election Day, double-check your polling place, and if you aren’t registered yet, stop by Student Life before Oct. 12 to fill out a Voter Registration Form. We’ll even mail it for you to make it as easy as possible.

Tom Vane, Director of Student Engagement