October Alumni Spotlight: Isadore A. De Marco ’93, MSN, LNHA

Isadore De Marco

Name: Isadore A. De Marco MSN, LNHA
Grad Year: 1993
Program: AAS Nursing
Current title & position: Administrator, Canterbury Woods Continuing Care Retirement Community

What drew you to a career in healthcare/nursing?

I had family members that were licensed nurses and great role models, and I always had an interest in pursuing a career in the healthcare field. My original goal was to become a registered nurse and then a nurse practitioner. I completed my Nurse Practitioner licensure in 1999, and then went on a recommendation from a friend and mentor to pursue a license in Healthcare Administration, which I completed in 2004, receiving my Nursing Home Administrator licensure.  

Describe your Trocaire experience. What does Trocaire mean to you?

Trocaire was a wonderful experience and the foundation on which I was able to build my career. Receiving my first degree (AAS Nursing) allowed me to obtain my first job in healthcare, a charge nurse with the McGuire Group at Seneca Manor Healthcare Facility, which I worked the first 4 years of my career. Trocaire was a wonderful learning environment, with faculty that cared about you and your success in the program. There was a sense of family, which made learning both exciting and rewarding. On a side note, I met my beautiful wife of 22 years at Trocaire College in the RN program.  

What do you do now, and why do you love it?

I have been a nursing home administrator for 17 years. Being a nurse first and foremost, I enjoy helping and caring for individuals in need. Working with the elderly is very rewarding, knowing each day that you are making a true difference in someone’s life. I also love being part of a team that provides and strives each day for excellence in care for our residents. I have been the administrator at Canterbury Woods for 14 years. We have a great interdisciplinary team—it starts with our certified nursing assistants and licensed nurses, and extends to the vital services our ancillary departments provide as well.   

Any advice you’d like to share with soon-to-be or new nurses?

Work hard each and every day, stay focused and most importantly, find your niche, as a career in nursing offers so many possibilities!