Nearly 150 students graduate from Trocaire College

Trocaire College Commencement

“Don’t let your dreams go.” Featured on WKBW-TV

Nearly 150 Trocaire College students graduated on Tuesday evening as the school celebrated its 70th annual commencement.

“Whether you’re completing a certificate, an associate degree, or a bachelor’s degree, you join the Trocaire community because you wanted to serve your community and become a successful member of your profession,” Bassam Deeb—Trocaire President— said to graduates.

Graduate and class speaker Arianna Coleman says she went back to school after getting a business degree because she fell in love with nursing and that there is always time to do what you love.

“Always believe in yourself, just know that you can and will do it. You can overcome anything and everything you want no matter what,” said Coleman.

Another graduate, 48-year-old Emma Brevetti, says she wants to make her daughter proud with every step toward her title of an RN.

“I feel great, and she’s so proud of me every day; she’s thirteen, and she tells me every day, ‘I’m so proud of you’,” said Brevetti.

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