#LIFTEDpodcast: Hear from Buffalo’s first female head-brewer Vandra Ruppel











The Buffalo Beer Scene is BOOMING! Hear from Buffalo’s first female head-brewer Vandra Ruppel in this week’s episode of #LIFTEDpodcast. Vandra brews at @HydraulicHearth for @Communitybeerworks. She may be a pioneer of the Buffalo beer-scene, but for Vandra, it’s all about the beer.

#LIFTEDpodcast: Ep4 For Vandra Ruppel, It’s All About The Beer.


LIFTED is a weekly podcast profiling people and perspectives of the American community. Through telling short, real-life stories of people starting something new, striving for personal goals and breaking through barriers, LIFTED aims to build a picture of life for Western New Yorkers.

Episode Four: All About The Beer

Presented by Trocaire College and their Brewing, Distilling and Fermentation Science Program.

Vandra Ruppel is Buffalo’s first female head-brewer, but she doesn’t like to focus on that. She just focuses on making good beer.

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About the Program

The goal of the Brewing/Distilling program is to provide students with the necessary education and skills to enter into varied employment opportunities within the industry. The curriculum will prepare students for employment in the ever expanding industry including: brewing, microbrewing, brewpub and distilling industries. With hands-on training, utilizing the Blichmann TopTier Modular Brewing System located in the college’s brewing lab, students will be able to brew beer for sensory evaluation purposes. Trocaire College is the only college in Western New York to have this commonly used piece of equipment, and we’re excited to share it with students looking to get into the industry with helpful knowledge and skills.