June Alumni Spotlight: Stacy Bastian ’08, ’12, BSN, RN, LNHA

Name: Stacy Bastian, BSN, RN, LNHA
Graduation Year: 2008 (AAS); 2012 (Bachelor’s)
Program: Nursing
Current Title: Administrator, Absolute Care Aurora Park, RCA Healthcare

What led you to the Nursing program at Trocaire? Why did you want to explore the healthcare field?

In high school, I thought I wanted to be a teacher. I ended up going to nursing school because a friend did. As a result, I developed a true passion for the healthcare field.   After working as an LPN for 13 years, I decided to go back for my RN. Trocaire was highly recommended due to there excellent reputation, student-to-teacher ratio and overall program. After graduating from the AAS program, Trocaire was my school of choice for obtaining my BSN as well because I was familiar with the quality of education and preparedness they provided.

Describe your Trocaire experience.

My experience at Trocaire was amazing. It pushed me to work hard, develop confidence and go after my dreams and aspirations.  I developed discipline and drive that has carried me in my career. Trocaire’s education provided a foundation of a commitment to excellence. I appreciate my time at Trocaire and frequently recommend the program. I am proud to say my daughter Victoria graduated from Trocaire’s RN program this past December.

What is the most important thing you took away from Trocaire? Were there any obstacles or challenges to obtaining your education?

The most important thing I took away from Trocaire is my love for being a nurse. It is a lifestyle. I take great pride in making a difference in the lives of others through nursing. Life is full of challenges and obstacles; Trocaire taught me that character is defined by how you respond to these challenges and obstacles. I also appreciate the role of being a mentor as Trocaire’s staff provided great motivation and leadership to the students.

What do you do now and why do you love it?

I am currently a Licensed Nursing Home Administrator for Absolute Care of Aurora Park. I assumed this role 2 weeks prior to the pandemic. It has been one of the most challenging yet rewarding roles I have had. I love this opportunity to make a difference in the lives of the residents and families by establishing a foundation of excellence in care for this facility. I work with an amazing team that is committed to growth and demonstrates compassion to those they care for. It gives me great pride to provide the residents with dignity and respect when they are most vulnerable.

Any advice you would like to share to new nurses or someone interested in Trocaire?

I will tell you what I told my daughter Victoria when she was considering a career in nursing and an education at Trocaire.  Nursing school is not meant to be easy, in fact it will be one of the hardest things you will experience. The expectation of a nurse is to potentially have people’s lives in their hands. Trocaire will prepare you to be clinically sound, empathetic, and professional. They will support you and provide an atmosphere that promotes success. In the end, the result is a career in a field that provides a fulfillment that is truly priceless!