February Alumni Spotlight: Thomas J. Bubar ’75

Alumni Spotlight Tom Bubar

Name: Thomas J. Bubar
Grad Year: 1975
Program: AAS Nursing
Current title & position:

Veteran of the Month and Outstanding Alumnus, year after year!

In July  2021, Congressman Chris Jacobs named Thomas Bubar Veteran of the Month.

“Tom served our nation honorably in the Vietnam War and provided preventative medical care to his fellow service members, for which he earned numerous medals,” Jacobs said.

In November, Tom was also presented with the Vietnam War Veteran Pin by Congressman Brian Higgins.  Following his military service, Tom came back to Western New York to serve our community, and would later go on to teach Nursing and Medical Assisting to the next generation.

After completing a degree in Sociology at Millard Fillmore College (now SUNY Buffalo), Tom came to Trocaire for his Nursing degree, and a few years later, received his Master’s Degree in Nursing from UB.

Thanks to his dedication as a revered Nursing and Medical Assisting Instructor, hundreds of students have followed in his path.

“Growing up, I always wanted to be a teacher. I enlisted in the Army in 1970. After basic training and medical training, and after serving stateside for nine months, I was sent to Vietnam. While in the Army, I was introduced to the medical field. I served as a preventative medicine technician where I sprayed for mosquitos in Vietnam, tested water quality, and inspected the sanitary conditions of our care center. I also helped my fellow servicemen by performing preventative medical procedures.”

Bubar is grateful that Trocaire opened up doors for him.  In a recent interview, Tom shared his heartfelt gratitude:  “ Trocaire opened doors for me; it represents hope and faith to me. They were very helpful with Veterans’ benefits and I remember having really great instructors. Back in 1975 there was even a basketball team! I played guard and we came in 4th place in the Medaille Centennial.”

But Tom’s devotion to his alma mater did not stop on the basketball court.  A former member of the Alumni Council and loyal donor for over 40 years, Tom is also a member of the Sr. Barbara Ciarico Legacy Society.  He has generously arranged to support scholarship funds for male Nursing and Medical Assisting students through his estate plans.

“After Vietnam, I decided to pursue the medical field because I knew I would always have a job and I enjoyed helping people.If it hadn’t been for Trocaire, I wouldn’t be where I am today.  I’ve put three children through college and they are all contributing to society as a teacher, a product manager and a CPA because I was able to provide them with an education. 

Tom may have been recognized as Veteran of the Month, but at Trocaire, we consider him an outstanding alumnus, year after year!  Congratulations, Tom!