February Alumni Spotlight: Jennifer Coker ’16, ’18

Name: Jennifer Coker
Grad Year:  2016 (PN), 2018 (RN)
Program: Nursing
Current Title: Registered Nurse Case Manager, Hospice Buffalo 

In Her Own Words:

What led you to the Nursing Program at Trocaire? Why did you want to explore the healthcare field?

 I began my nursing education in the practical nursing program at Trocaire. I was very impressed with the support and education provided to me by the professors in the program. When I decided to go back for my RN, I knew that Trocaire was the best place to further my education. I’ve wanted to be a nurse since I was young, to be able to care for those in need.

 Describe your Trocaire experience. What does Trocaire mean to you?

My Trocaire experience taught me patience and gave me the knowledge and hands on skills I needed to be the best nurse that I could be.

What is the most important thing you took away from Trocaire? Were there any obstacles or challenges to obtaining your education?

The most important thing I took away from Trocaire were the lifelong friends and relationships I formed with fellow nursing students. The challenges I faced while in nursing school include working full time, having 3 children under 5, and gallbladder removal surgery in the middle of my last semester. I thank God everyday for a loving and supportive husband, who allowed me to focus and work hard to pursue my dreams of becoming a nurse. I also felt extremely supported by the staff at Trocaire who encouraged me and helped me navigate through these obstacles.

What do you do now and why do you love it?

I am currently a case manager for Hospice of Buffalo. I love my job and enjoy going to work everyday. The relationships I have with my patients and their families are irreplaceable. Being a hospice nurse is something I can’t put into words; it is such a blessing to be able to comfort and support my patients and families during one of the most difficult and emotional times of their lives.

Any advice you like to share to new nurses or someone interested in Trocaire?

My advice to Trocaire students would be to never give up, even if it feels impossible. The hard days and long nights are temporary–it’s all worth it once you walk across that stage and receive your degree!