Community Relations: NFJCWNY | Guest Blog Post: Emily Burns Perryman

A Place to Connect with your Community

One of the best parts about working at Trocaire College is the ability to connect and engage with our Buffalo and Western New York communities. Whether it’s as a faculty or staff member, working here is the chance to be part of an institution that possesses a mission that truly encourages participation such as volunteerism, civic engagement, and other means of engaging and interacting with members of our community. This environment is influenced by our founders the Sisters of Mercy, their five critical concerns, and because of their influence and the college’s heritage, it’s truly a great place to work.

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Emily Burns Perryman
Hosting the NFJCWNY Board of Directors at the Trocaire College Extension Center, May 2019

How I’m Involved- National Federation for Just Communities of WNY (NFJCWNY)

One of the ways I am active in my community is as a Board of Directors member of the National Federation for Just Communities of WNY (NFJCWNY). All of the organization’s programs promote understanding and respect among people of all races, religions, and cultures through advocacy, conflict resolution, and education. In accomplishing our work, we seek first to raise awareness and then to educate and empower our youth, as well as emerging and community leaders to become agents of change in transforming our society. To accomplish our goals requires the dedication of the organization’s hard working staff, my fellow board members, and volunteers, as well as the support of individuals, corporations, and foundations. We actively open dialogue in the community others may be hesitant to discuss in safe, respectful forums. This work is meaningful and crucial given today’s divisive political and social climates.

The NFJCW recently honored our college President Bassam M. Deeb at their annual Citation Banquet and it was a wonderful opportunity to hear a bit about his personal and professional journey, and how he has made an impact within higher education and our community. Individuals are awarded this citation based in part to their devotion to the spirit of human relations. In addition to Dr. Deeb, this year’s honorees were: Pamela Jacobs Vogt (Community Leader), Gary P. Hall (WTS, Inc.), and Dr. Sol Messinger (Community Leader). Each are inspirational leaders and it was a wonderful celebration of their contributions to our community. Trocaire College was honored to be included in the festivities!

I’m very proud of my board membership and of the activities and events of the NFJCWNY. They are truly working towards greater understanding within our community, and the work they do could not be any more important than it is today. If you’d like to learn more about them, make sure to check out their website or on Facebook and Twitter!

What it all Means to Me

Emily Burns PerrymanWhen I began my work at Trocaire College, I had no idea how the five critical concerns of the Sisters of Mercy would affect me so deeply. Getting to know the mission and values of Trocaire and seeing them in action every day on the job while working with staff, faculty, and students, I recognize now that I identify with and care deeply about those critical concerns and feel passionate about making sure that I weave them into my everyday life and work. That’s why I’m involved with organizations like the NFJCWNY and that’s why I’m proud that my college community encourages my active participation.

Working toward greater good in Buffalo and Western New York makes me happy and makes me feel as though I am putting my skills and education to good use, making a positive impact and a difference in my community. Working at Trocaire allows me to do that and so much more. I am working somewhere that changes people’s lives. That is because our students choose their individual career-oriented path here, and through hard work and perseverance they go on to change the trajectory of their lives and that of the members of their families, many of them going on to have one-on-one contact in the healthcare professions, taking care of our citizens and making their own unique positive impact on our community and the world.

Coming to work every day is challenging, rewarding, and a wonderful way to make an impact and I’m glad to be a part of this very unique college community.