Weather-Related Closings at Trocaire College

On days when Trocaire College is scheduled to be open, the college administration will monitor local and regional weather conditions and follow a standard protocol in making the decision to remain open or to close.


Please be advised that, in general, the college intends to remain open if at all possible – to ensure that instruction and other education-related services can be provided as required. 


If the college is open, all classes, clinicals and internship experiences will be held per the usual schedule.  If the college is closed, classes, clinicals and internship experiences scheduled for that day will not be held.

In the event that the college is open on a day with inclement weather, it is up to each individual to make their own determination as to coming to Trocaire on that date, a decision which will be based upon their personal and local circumstances.

Please note:  Individuals missing a day due to inclement weather when the college remains open will be considered absent and must make appropriate arrangements with their faculty, program directors/deans and/or supervisor(s).


Closing Protocol:

If the decision is made to close, the following notifications will be made:

  • Trocaire Communications will:
    • Activate the college’s Emergency Notification System
    • Notify media (TV, radio) of the closure
    • Update the college’s website and other social media platforms
  • Trocaire Information Technology will notify the college’s IT hosting vendor to change the message on the phone system auto attendant.
  • Trocaire Facilities will make appropriate security, maintenance & janitorial plans for the day.
  • Trocaire Finance will alert the following vendors to cancel for the day:
    • Shuttle service
    • Food Vending
    • Tim Hortons, café services
    • Barnes & Noble bookstore

Decisions Prior to the Start of the Day:

For weather conditions occurring early in the morning or prior to the start of classes, every attempt will be to make a decision before 6 a.m. to facilitate student and employee ability to plan their day.


Decisions During the Day/Evening:

If a decision to close is made during the day or is being made for the evening, every attempt will be made to make the decision before 4 p.m. to allow for adequate notice to be provided.


Decisions on Weekends:

Decisions to remain open on Saturdays or Sundays when the college is scheduled to be open will follow the same procedures as for prior to the start of day or decisions during the day/evening, depending upon the weekend circumstance.


Decisions About Different Locations:

Occasionally weather conditions may affect the main campus but not the Extension Center on Transit Road in Lancaster, or vice versa. In such instances, messages about site closure will specify which location is being closed, and also that the other site remains open.

Note: The building on Seneca Street is part of the main campus, so when the main campus is closed, the building on Seneca Street will also be closed.


Emergency Notification System:

The college’s Emergency Notification System (ENS) is one of several official communication channels which will be used to notify individuals of important events, including school closure. It is vital for all students, faculty and staff to ensure that their contact information is up-to-date in the ENS.

To do so, follow the instructions on this page. 



Official closure or other related information is posted in a number of locations.

  • Radio
    • Cumulus Media
      • WEDG (FM 103.3), WGRF (FM 96.9), WHHT (FM 104.1)
    • Entercom Radio
      • WBEN (AM 930), WGR (AM 550), WKSE (FM 98.5), WTSS (FM 102.5), WWKB (AM 1520), WLKK (FM 107.7), WWWS (AM 1400)
    • Townsquare Media
      • WBLK (FM 93.7), WMSX (FM 96.1), WYRK (FM 106.5)


If the college is open, individuals who call Trocaire or contact faculty or staff asking for closure information will be directed to check the official communication channels noted above.