Trocaire Service Learning Faculty Spotlight

ServiceLearningLogoThe Office of Service Learning would like to acknowledge and thank the nearly 20 Trocaire faculty members who incorporated service learning pedagogy in their courses over the 2016-2017 academic year.

“The investment of our faculty in the practice of service learning strengthens Trocaire’s bond within our larger Buffalo community and our commitment to a holistic, hands-on education grounded in the spirit of Mercy,” said Pam Jablonicky, coordinator of Service Learning. “Through their efforts, on this and on many other levels, they are truly preparing our students for careers of achievement and lives of purpose.”

The benefits of service learning are many and varied: strengthening of critical thinking through real-world application of classroom theory; increased awareness of and investment in the local community and the real struggles of people in need; the development of a social conscience; the instilling of the value of  service to others as a way of being in the world; and above all, the embodiment and advancement of Trocaire’s Mercy mission of seeking out and meeting the unmet needs of God’s people everywhere.

2016-2017 Service Learning Recap

Here’s a recap of the many student service learning experiences over the 2016-2017 academic year. THANK YOU, faculty, for being an instrument through which our students benefit both academically and personally from these experiences.

Students in the following courses served specific locations:

  • BS in Nursing: Mary Ann Deb (NU486)
    • Students offered readings of blood pressure and vital signs and community health teaching at a number of local community centers (instructor present).
  • Computer Network Administration & Healthcare Informatics: Melissa Cymerman (BU300)
    Dan Niles, Jerry Manuel, Gabe McNichol, students in the Project Management course (BU300). They ran a college-wide clothing drive for City Mission this semester, tracking donations through project management software.
    Students in the Project Management course (BU300) ran a college-wide clothing drive for City Mission this semester, tracking donations through project management software.
    • Students worked closely with the Buffalo City Mission, running college-wide donation drives based on BCM’s needs. Personal care items were collected in the fall to create Men’s Welcome Kits for homeless men, and men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing was collected in the spring. Donated items were tracked by students through project management software, and both drives generated far more donations than the anticipated goals.
  • Hospitality Management: Anne Piorkowski (HM103)
  • Human Resource Management: Kim Marino (HM210)
    • Students applied their knowledge of a human resource management system, creating a “Workplace Learning & Performance” document that can be used in hiring and retention practices for employees of Kids Escaping Drugs.
  • Massage Therapy: Dr. Rachel Ersing (MT105 & 205)
    • Students served at Seneca Babcock Community Center and Schiller Park Senior Center by providing 15-minute chair massages to those in the neighborhood who would otherwise not be able to experience therapeutic touch (instructor present).
  • Nutrition & Dietetics: Nicole Klem (DT104)
    • Students provided healthy choices workshops and teaching at Schiller Park Senior Center (instructor present).
  • Radiologic Technology: Ann Smith, Rachel McCormick, Carol Weber (RT109)
    • Students ran a children’s and senior science-related carnival in the summer, providing fun ways to “teach” those who attended about bones, X-rays, and the internal workings of the body through games, crafts, and food. They also served at Grace Guest House, sprucing up the house for their future opening.
  • Practical Nursing: Dr. Cynthia Leffel (PN107)
    • Students participated in the Living Legacy Memory Book project at Schiller Park Senior Center in the fall and at the Mercy Center (Sisters of Mercy) in the spring. Students interviewed seniors and created biographies for a “memory” book. The seniors and students came away with truly meaningful experiences!

Students in the following courses collectively served nearly 30 community partners, providing assistance in a variety of settings, to a variety of people, through diverse experiences related to their programs of study:

  • General Studies: Claire Darstein (GS212)
  • Health Information Technology: Deborah Shelvay (HIT209)
  • Medical Assisting: Heather Thompson (MAS134)
  • Nursing: Margaret Poole (NU222)
  • Surgical Technology:  Brooke Rowland (ST104)
  • Diagnostic Medical Sonography & Echocardiography: Ellen Bowman (DMS415 & ECH403)