Catching up: A chat with Trocaire nursing student Cody Nowak

A few months ago, we introduced you to an exceptional nursing student and Trailblazer, Cody Nowak. We checked in with Cody to see how his semester is going.

What is your favorite class this semester?
My favorite class is health restoration lab – I like the hands-on skills that we are learning to prepare us for clinical.

Are you involved in any extra-curricular activities at Trocaire?
I volunteer at open houses and work at the admissions office.

Why nursing?
I really enjoy helping people, and I like that it is a very important, respectful and serious job with security that I could get right out of school. I really want to make a difference in some way, and I want to find my niche.

Nursing student Cody Nowak

What made you choose Trocaire?
Trocaire has a well-known program that is widely recognized in the Buffalo area. I really liked that I could be a part of a shorter program that get me working faster.

Once I complete my associate degree, I plan to work full time as a RN and go to school full time online to complete my bachelor’s degree through Trocaire.

Plus, my mom went to Trocaire for nursing and she had a great experience!

What do you ultimately want to do with your degree?
I want to earn a doctor of nursing practice degree and function as a nurse practitioner in psychiatry or clinical care.

Good luck with your final exams, Cody!

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