Trocaire BSN Students Serve the Buffalo Community

Trocaire’s Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) students are making their mark out in the community this semester.

Thanks to collaboration between Coordinator of Service Learning Pam Jablonicky and Nursing professor Mary Ann Deb, who teaches the BSN clinical capstone course, the BSN students are working with various community groups.

One such BSN student is Crystal Quinn, who is completing her capstone hours at the Seneca-Babcock Community Center, which is a non-profit organization that provides assistance and intervention programs to the South Buffalo community. She did much more than provide blood pressure (BP) screenings for people at the community center.

“I did BP screenings on at least 20 clients,” Quinn wrote in her weekly journal. “Others didn’t want their BP taken but allowed me to ask them, ‘How are you feeling today, did you get your flu shot this season, and when was the last time you seen your doctor?’ I taught the importance of proper hand hygiene, the effects of caffeine consumption, and about the sodium levels in foods.”

Trocaire BSN students are also doing many health teaching and promotion sessions in the community this semester. Students are participating in Buffalo Public Schools’ health fairs to educate parents and caregivers on health issues specific to school-aged children and the Buffalo Public Library Health Fair in April, and they are also conducting health education sessions and providing BP screenings at the Julianna Apartments on Abbott Road.

Finally, Quinn mentioned that she met a girl at the Seneca-Babcock Community Center who just finished certified nursing assistant (CNA) school and said that she wants to go on to be a registered nurse, and Quinn advised her to check out Trocaire’s nursing programs!

“It was a great day for Trocaire College in more ways than one,” said BSN clinical capstone course instructor Mary Ann Deb.”