Student Affairs Spotlight: Nursing Student Joel Lines

The Office of Student Life would like to thank Joel Lines for his contributions to student engagement this year. Joel is a third-semester nursing student who has spent a considerable amount of his time and energy representing the student body and enhancing the student experience.

Joel is the student representative on the Administrative Advisory Council. This committee consists of division and department heads whose decisions work to better the College. Joel has the responsibility of giving the student perspective at their monthly meetings.

Along with the AAC, Joel is also a student representative on the Service Learning Committee. This group’s mission is to work with Coordinator of Service Learning Pam Jablonicky in engaging students in meaningful experiences throughout their college career, and to integrate opportunities to discuss and develop experiences that prepare students for civically engaged lives after college. The members asked to served on this committee embody characteristics that promote collaboration, integrity, and passion of the Mercy Mission in moving service learning to the higher level.

He has also been the key player in the reformation of Trocaire’s Nursing Club. As Trocaire’s largest academic program, the lack of an organization where students can socialize, bond, and access professional development was a disservice to the major. Joel worked with Student Life and professors Ginalyn Dake and Monica Wilson to restart the club from the ground up, organizing meetings, spreading word out to students, and leading the charge in the formation of its executive board.

On behalf of the Student Affairs Division, we would like to thank Joel for his hard work and dedication to improving Trocaire’s student experience.