Student Activities









Trocaire College offers a wide array of student activities focused on social, cultural, academic, and leadership development. These are great opportunities to be involved in the campus community and to prepare for a successful career. Some events include:

  • Welcome Week
  • Family Day
  • Cultural Heritage Celebrations (ie. Coming Out Day, Latinx Heritage Month, Black History Month)
  • International Food Fest
  • Winter Welcome
  • Stress Less Week


To stay up to date with everything happening on campus:

  • Read the weekly newsletter sent by the Director of Student Engagement, “This Week at Trocaire”
  • Join the Trocaire College Student Life Facebook group
  • Follow Trocaire College Student Life (@TrocaireStudentLife) on Instagram
  • Read the Stall Street Journal at your next restroom stop on campus
  • Keep an eye out for the digital screens around campus
  • Visit Trocaire’s web calendar

Looking to reserve a Student Engagement Space to study or meet? Reserve a space today!

Learn more ways about how to get involved as a student through joining a club, organization, or committee!


We want to share some tunes, tips, and tools to help you de-stress.

Check out the following playlists for stress relief or studying:

Learn to manage your stress at-home and at work:

Here are 5 tips to help you reduce stress:

  • Keep a positive attitude and mindset – this includes positive self-talk.
  • Exercise – it’s important to get your body moving
  • Get enough sleep – when we do not get enough sleep it can weaken our immune system, cognitive functioning, and functioning
  • Practice mindfulness – appreciate the moment and observe the world around you without judgment
  • Treat yourself – it’s okay to take care of you during stressful times

Wellness is an important part of our lives. Our mental health is just as important as our physical health.

Physical Wellness

Join the Wellness Committee for the Walk at Lunch Day on Wednesday, April 29.

Take a pause on this day and take a walk around. Whether you’re walking indoor or outdoor, moving your body is important to stay well!

Mental Wellness

Your mental health matters!

Did you know there are myths about stress management?

Take a brain break and time for you. It is okay to have fun and take a pause from your studies.

Virtual Tour of Museums

Easy At-Home DIY

With moving to distance learning, here are some tips and ideas to help keep you socially engaged and connected while maintaining physical distancing.

Staying connected to your friends, classmates, and loved ones is made accessible through technology!


All Trocaire students may access Zoom for free. Be sure to use your email when signing in/registering your account. This is a great way to “meet up” with your friends, classmates, and student organization members. You can access Zoom from Trocaire’s Zoom page. Check out the “Getting Started with Zoom Web Conferencing” for assistance.

Student Life Social Media

Stay involved and informed! Student Life has a Facebook group and Instagram page where information is posted and contests occur.

We value your health and wellness! Check out these virtual opportunities to stay mentally and physically fit.


  • Like working out, but the gym is closed? Planet Fitness Facebook page for live-streamed daily workouts several times a day. 

  • Enjoy yoga? Check out Down Dog Yoga to keep up your practice from the comfort of your living room. Bonus: It’s free for students and teachers until July 1.


For more information about Student Life please contact:

Lauren Reczek
Interim Director of Student Engagement