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Trocaire College offers a wide array of student activities focused on social, cultural, academic, and leadership development. These are great opportunities to be involved in the campus community and to prepare for a successful career. Some events include:

  • Welcome Week
  • Family Day
  • Cultural Heritage Celebrations (ie. Coming Out Day, Latinx Heritage Month, Black History Month)
  • International Food Fest*
  • Winter Welcome
  • Stress Less Week

To stay up to date with everything happening on campus:

  • Read the weekly newsletter sent by the Director of Student Engagement, “This Week at Trocaire”
  • Join the Trocaire College Student Life Facebook group
  • Follow Trocaire College Student Life (@TrocaireStudentLife) on Instagram
  • Read the Stall Street Journal at your next restroom stop on campus
  • Keep an eye out for the digital screens around campus
  • Visit Trocaire’s web calendar

Learn more ways about how to get involved as a student through joining a club, organization, or committee!

Winter Welcome 2021

The Spring 2021 semester begins on Monday, January 25. Join us for our Winter Welcome Week starting on Monday, January 25 through Saturday, January 30.

Need a planner? Student Life will have them available during this week. Stop by the designated table in the Back Foyer to pick up a free planner and other goodies to stay organized this semester!

Want to stay connected with others on campus? Join Student Association for the Involvement Fair. The Involvement Fair has gone virtual and will be able for all students to access the first few weeks of the semester. A link to the virtual involvement fair is forthcoming. Get to know our student clubs, connect with the club officers, and learn about the different ways you can enhance your Trocaire experience!

Welcome Week Scavenger Hunt Bingo

Student Life takes the best of two favorite games and combines them into a week-long event for you to participate in! Join us for our first annual Scavenger Hunt Bingo – where we provide the Bingo Cards and Clues – and you provide us with the answers.  Students may sign up to receive their unique bingo cards on Sunday, January 24 via email. The virtual game cards and game rules will be sent to students via email on Sunday, January 24. Students who have “coverall” on their cards will be entered to receive one of four $25 Wegmans gift cards and a Trocaire longsleeve tee. Students who have a bingo will be entered to win one of 10 $10 Tim Hortons gift cards and Student Life packs. Completed cards must be emailed to Lauren Reczek at [email protected] by 11:59 PM on Sunday, January 31!

Use the form below to sign up to receive your bingo card:


Winter Welcome Friday Night Lights Questions

Have a question for Student Life? Ask it and it will be featured in our Friday Nights Live Chat on Friday, January 29 from 7 PM to 8:30 PM on Zoom. Use the form below to RSVP for this fun evening and ask questions that you may have about the upcoming semester. The last day to RSVP is Thursday, January 28. A RSVP link will be sent to students who complete the form.

Sign up for this fun Friday activity below:



Cultural competency certificate (C3) program

Our Cultural Competency Certificate (C3) Program launches this February with exciting programming for all members of our campus community to participate in. Any interested member of our Trocaire College community who would like to participate in the program may register on the Diversity & Inclusion webpage.

The Student Life office will be hosting monthly programming that will count toward the C3 requirements!

Keep an eye on your Trocaire College email for updates in the This Week at Trocaire for upcoming events and opportunities.

Leadership Certificate Program

Enhance your leadership skills with our Leadership Certificate Program. This program is available to current Trocaire College students and takes two semesters to complete. Students will complete and reflect on a series of five modules, participate in leadership opportunities, and facilitate their own leadership capstone project! Interested students may sign up for this free certificate program on the Leadership webpage.

With moving to distance learning, here are some tips and ideas to help keep you socially engaged and connected while maintaining physical distancing.

Staying connected to your friends, classmates, and loved ones is made accessible through technology!


All Trocaire students may access Zoom for free. Be sure to use your email when signing in/registering your account. This is a great way to “meet up” with your friends, classmates, and student organization members. You can access Zoom from Trocaire’s Zoom page. Check out the “Getting Started with Zoom Web Conferencing” for assistance.

Student Life Social Media

Stay involved and informed! Student Life has a Facebook group and Instagram page where information is posted and contests occur.

The Trocaire College Wellness Center and Wellness Committee are keeping us connected VIRTUALLY!

Welcome to Trocaire College!

Student Life is excited to be part of your Trocaire College experience. Our office is here to connect you with other classmates and resources.

Here are some tips from our Student Life Team: 

  • Stop by Choate Campus for a FREE Welcome Bag! In the Welcome Bag, you will receive a Trocaire College academic planner, hand sanitizer, Trocaire branded mask, and resources on campus services.


  • Get your Student ID card and printer sticker. You will need your Student ID card during your time at Trocaire. You can use it in the Library to take out books and use the printer sticker to print out course materials. Student ID cards will be available in the Commons from January 19 through February 3. After February 3 they will be back at the Security Desk. Printer stickers are issued in the Trocaire College library – located on the 4th floor of Choate Campus.
    • The library does have textbooks on reserve that you can use in the library to study and make copies of.
    • There are computers on Choate campus, Trocaire Achievement Complex (Transit), and Seneca campus that you can use. Printers are also available in these areas.


  • Check your emails daily. Email is also known as webmail. Email is the primary form of communication at Trocaire College. Do not miss out on updates and important information from your instructors or other campus offices. Student Life sends out a weekly email with updates on what’s happening around campus and virtually!


  • Tutoring is available – use it! Utilize the Palisano Learning Center (PLC) for their tutoring and academic coaching assistance. It is okay to ask for help – we know that online learning and navigating your courses during this pandemic is not easy. Create an account today on with your Trocaire email to make tutoring appointments.
    • More information on Tutoring is available on your Moodle homepage.


  • Meet Other New Students. We know forming a study group is a great way to build connections among your classmates. We also have Student Clubs and Organizations available at Trocaire for you to join and connect with other students from different programs! Keep an eye out for programming for New Students as the semester rolls out.

Welcome Back, Trocairians!

If you are on-campus for courses, remember to always wear a mask and practice proper social distancing. This means wearing a mask even when within 6 ft of an individual.

  • Need a new planner? Student Life has you covered. Stop by the Welcome Table during Welcome Week or email Lauren Reczek, our Director of Student Engagement at [email protected] for a time to pick up a planner.



  • Update your email password. Continue to check your emails daily for updates.


For more information about Student Life please contact:

Lauren Reczek, MS
Director of Student Engagement
[email protected]