Sharing Our Knowledge with High School Students

As part of the NYS P-TECH Project Hope program, Dr. Richard Linn, Trocaire’s Vice President for Academic Affairs and Planning, recently gave a talk and demonstration on the causes and after effects of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) to a group of 9th grade students at Lackawanna High School.

These students had the opportunity to examine models of the normal human skull and brain and learned about the incidence and common causes of TBI, the regions of the brain that are affected, and the kinds of changes in cognition and personality which can result from a TBI.

The Lackawanna High School students enjoyed the opportunity to perform simple tests of mental status and to view authentic samples of mental status results from individuals who have TBI. Students also engaged in a discussion about common normal brain function myths and brain functioning after trauma.

Thanks to Dr. Linn, a licensed psychologist with a specialty in Neuropsychology, these future healthcare workers had a wonderful opportunity to learn more about Traumatic Brain Injury, the leading cause of death and disability in children and adults ages 1 to 44, according to the Brain Trauma Center.

Trocaire is a partner in the NYS Pathways in Technology Early College High School (P-TECH) program with the Catholic Health System, Erie I BOCES and Lackawanna High School. This collaboration provides students chosen for the program with a high school diploma, college degree, and a pathway to a job. Participants are prepared with workplace skills for high demand careers in the health sciences field.

“Students selected for this program are able to obtain an associate’s degree in one of Trocaire’s health-related programs of study without having to pay tuition,” noted Dr. Linn. “This gives the students the opportunity to focus on their education, without the burden of student loans.”

When students complete their degree, they will be provided a first-in-line opportunity to work in the Catholic Health System in jobs matched to their degree specialty.

We are excited to have the opportunity to educate, train and guide these young students to tremendous healthcare opportunities in the future. Thanks to Dr. Linn for sharing his knowledge and insights of TBI!