Scenes from the first day of the Fall 2014 semester

It’s that time of year again: time to get organized, buy books, prowl for parking and buckle down for another three months of classes, homework and tests.

Summer may be coming to a close — but for Trocaire students, it’s an exciting time to begin a new semester.

Kristin — a writer for the Trailblazer Blog — was on campus on Monday, Aug. 26 for the first day of the fall semester, and spoke with students about their favorite parts of life on campus.

The Atmosphere

Kristin: First and foremost, students love the atmosphere. Campus has a close-knit, community feel.

Torie Washburn, first-year general studies student, looked nervous and excited for her first Trocaire experience.

“I was homeschooled through high school, so when I began looking at schools, I wanted this small, personal feel. I researched colleges with high success rates and this stood out to me. The friendly atmosphere makes me feel right at home.”

Trocaire students

The experience

Kristin: The ability to gain hands-on experience in your chosen field matters to students. No matter who I talked to, this was one of the main reasons they couldn’t wait to begin at Trocaire.

Trocaire offers eight popular programs that lead to certification or licensure in healthcare. As Ben Urbanski, second-year nursing student, walked into the main lobby, he looked confident and ready to begin the next step.

“My first year in nursing was just a beginning step. I’ve heard so much about clinicals and I’ve been waiting to gain that experience in the medical field. Now it’s finally time to be hands-on.”

The staff

Kristin: As I roamed around the Main Campus, I could see the smiles and feel the positive energy coming from the professors. Administrators sat at different locations all around the building to be sure students had their schedules, handbooks and knew their way around.

Trocaire students speaking with administrators

Colleen Ortiz, second-year nursing student, has never been more excited to begin a fall semester.

“The faculty makes me look forward to being here. Their office hours are so convenient, everyone is down to earth and it helps me enjoy the learning experience.”

The camaraderie

Kristin: Even though it was the first day of classes, I found lots of students in groups — walking, chatting, eating lunch, studying or working together. For many at Trocaire, this goes a long way as they learn the value of teamwork.

“I can’t believe how much I’ve learned in my one semester here,” said Nicole Kelly, nursing student. “When I’m working with my colleagues and classmates, I’m in my element. We’re excited to learn from each other.”

Trocaire students enjoying a lunch break

The students

Kristin: Students learning, working and succeeding alongside one another has been the foundation for success at Trocaire — and Tony Funigiello, chief student affairs officer, is excited to kick off another successful academic year.

“During the new year, one of our new initiatives is to restructure the student advocacy group. By encouraging self-government and promoting responsibility and cooperation, we hope to further improve the quality of student life at Trocaire.”

Trocaire students in the cafeteria

Kristin: If you’re looking to get involved in the student experience this semester at Trocaire, we hope you consider these discussions with your fellow students. For more information, stop by room 129 or 137 on the main campus.

Welcome back to all new and returning students. We’re all looking forward to another great year!