Pathways to Nursing Success Program

Trocaire recognizes that the world is ever changing, and we want to be on the forefront of producing highly qualified, compassionate nursing professionals that meet these needs.



This school year the college’s Pathways to Nursing Success Program recruited 25 eligible nursing students to enroll. Pathways is a new grant funded program through HRSA. It’s aim is to provide wrap around supports to underrepresented minority nursing students here at Trocaire; in an effort to not only recruit and enroll them, but to also retain them through their Associated Degree in Nursing and the Bachelor of Science with a major in Nursing Degrees. Overall the implicated impact of the program’s success will not only produce quality and compassionate nursing professionals, but also assist with diversifying the professional field of nursing. This program will work with 25 Trocaire nursing students between 2017-2021. Check back to this page for program updates or contact Shawnte Wilson at

The Pathways program seeks to provide opportunities and support to underrepresented populations in the nursing industry and contribute to increasing its diversity. It will provide the following to accepted scholars:

  • Mentoring from peers, faculty, and professionals employed with grant partners Community Health Centers of Buffalo and Erie Niagara Area Health Education Center
  • Enhanced tutoring services with either professional or peer tutors and/or supplemental instruction
  • Case management services
  • Invitations to nursing immersion events to help prepare participants for the RN field and the school/work/life balance needed to get through the program
  • A community of cohorts
  • Financial support in the form of scholarships and stipends to alleviate financial stressors



This program seeks to enhance academic and social supports for all students enrolled in Trocaire through innovation and networking; even if a student is not eligible or enrolled in the Pathways program. The Pathways’ programmatic goals help to build strong social and academic connections amongst students, faculty, Alumni, and mentors. Current students and Alumni have the ability to mentor a current Pathways student. Current students can also be linked with a professional mentor for themselves. Students or Alumni interested in either option should reach out to Shawnte Wilson at

Throughout the semester the Pathways program also hosts a series of events aimed toward becoming a leader in the professional field of Nursing and learning how to cope with stress as a current nursing student. All are welcomed to attend these events and may RSVP for a spring event here. The Palisano Learning Center also works closely with the Pathways program and offers a wide variety of Academic Supports to assist students with learning and retaining academic material.