Mentorship Program Opens to All Students

In Spring 2018, Trocaire successfully launched a pilot professional mentorship initiative for students who are enrolled in a program that is non-traditional for their gender: i.e., men in healthcare and women in data and technology. Support for this program was provided by a grant under the Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Act of 2006 administered by the New York State Education Department.

Given the pilot’s success, the college has decided to roll this program out to all students across all majors.

“Mentoring is a one-on-one relationship in which a professional provides guidance to a student who is working towards successful graduation and placement within their field of study,” explained Pam Jablonicky, coordinator of Community-Based Learning. “The benefits for both mentees and mentors are numerous, and we hope that students take advantage of this valuable opportunity for additional support.”

Mentoring offers students a professional role model who cares about them and can guide them as they navigate academic study and career choices. Research confirms that quality mentoring relationships have powerful positive effects on students in a variety of personal, academic, and professional situations.

Taking on the role of mentor is open to both Trocaire alumni and community partners, and involves helping a participating student explore career aspirations, strengths and weaknesses, goal setting, implementing and evaluating strategies, all the while sharing wisdom and guidance. This often results in personal growth, improved self-esteem and a feeling of making a difference in the world for the mentor.

Spots for both mentors and mentees are available throughout the year, even during the summer. Check out the resources below for more information and to apply, and email Pam Jablonicky at with any questions.



Program Overview – MENTORS

Program Overview – MENTEE

Mentor Application

Mentee Application