ITT Tech Students Can Find a New Home at Trocaire

When the now-defunct ITT Technical Institute suddenly shuttered all 137 if its locations in September—including the one in Amherst—thousands of students were left stunned, abandoned partway through their programs of study and saddled with debt from a college no longer offering degrees.

“The federal government cut off student aid to ITT Tech after the school’s accreditor threatened expulsion in the face of mounting investigations, lawsuits and enforcement actions for lying about job placement rates and steering students into predatory loans,” one Washington Post article explains.

Many former ITT Tech students are struggling to keep their college journey on track and to find alternative institutions that will accept their ITT credits. It can be a frustrating process, especially for students who were close to completing their degrees and now see their goals get pushed ever further away.

However, Trocaire College has a message for former ITT Tech students in Western New York: we’re here for you.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Credits: Trocaire gladly accepts transfer credits from ITT Tech. All it takes is a visit or conversation with one of our Admissions team to get started!
  • Community: As a small and student-centered institution, Trocaire offers a nurturing and encouraging community. We educate persistently—we’re not going to give up on you, and we’re not going to let you give up on yourself. Most of our students are non-traditional, meaning they often have full-time jobs, families and other responsibilities to juggle on top of school. We prioritize flexibility in scheduling and strong support throughout your academic journey so your goals remain attainable.
  • Careers: Trocaire’s programs offer degrees and certificates in growing, dynamic fields in the Buffalo area. Our graduates are well-prepared with real-life clinical and internship opportunities before graduating, and they find fulfilling positions in career pathways that often exceed the median household income in Buffalo.

If you’re still trying to figure out your next step, come visit us at Trocaire. We have two upcoming One & Done Admissions events on Dec. 6 and Jan. 11—complete everything you need to start classes this January, all in one day, all in one place. Register today!