Intro to Brewing Debuts Sept. 20

There’s still time to sign up for Trocaire College’s Intro to Brewing course, the first to be offered of our new five-course Brewing, Distilling and Fermentation Science program. It begins on Wednesday, Sept. 20.

The program provides the knowledge and hands-on experience needed to enter into the ever-expanding and exciting industry of brewing, microbrewing, and distilling, with courses running in the fall and spring semesters at Trocaire’s Williamsville location on Transit Road. A certificate of completion in Brewing, Distilling, and Fermentation Science will be awarded to students who successfully complete all courses in the program.

Intro to Brewing will cover all the basics of the industry, from ingredients to quality control and sensory analysis. Each week, about 30-40 minutes of the class will be dedicated to history of brewing and a question and answer period.

  • Week 1 (Sept 20) topic: Intro to course, baseline exam, ingredients, equipment, extract brewing vs. all-grain brewing.
  • Week 2 (Sept 27) topic: Grains and malts
  • Week 3 (Oct 4) topic: Wort production
  • Week 4 (Oct 11) topic: Hops
  • Week 5 (Oct 18) topic: Fermentation, review 1st-half topics
  • Week 6 (Nov 1): Mid-term exam, then Yeast Health
  • Week 7 (Nov 8): Brew Day – Sierra Nevada Pale Ale clone
  • Week 8 (Nov 15) topic: Yeast contribution to flavor
    • Beer activity: Check fermentation & yeast health, dry hop
  • Week 9 (Nov 29) topic: Quality control
    • Beer activity: Cold condition beer, check yeast health
  • Week 10 (Dec 6) topic: Quality issues
    • Beer activity: Dump yeast, bottle beer
  • Week 11 (Dec 13) topic: Sensory analysis, review of 2nd-half topics
  • Week 12 (Dec 20): Final Exam
    • Beer activity: Take beer home


Upon completion of the course, students will be able to:

  • Describe each step in the beer-making process, from grain to glass
  • Demonstrate understanding of brewing, fermentation, and distillation systems
  • Create beer recipes, including thorough description of process
  • Analyze beer recipes and correct errors and omissions
  • Understand how process changes affect quality of beer and distilled spirits

Don’t delay: sign up today!