Intern Update: Trocaire’s Summer Photo Shoot

On June 13-14th, Trocaire College hosted a group of 30-some student volunteers at a photo shoot to represent the college during the upcoming academic year. It was a privilege to begin my summer communications internship with Trocaire assisting this two-day event.

Trocaire aims to empower students in their chosen career paths, and in doing so, curates a community of individuals ready to engage in occupations of service. The goal of the photo shoot was to showcase these students in their service-based learning environment in the most realistic way. The process was a team effort.

Julie Cioccio, Trocaire’s skilled graphic designer, directed the operation with knowledge of what photos were needed as compared to years prior. Professional photographers Sara and Adam of S. H. Photography returned for a second year of shooting with Trocaire students, while Leon Studio One School of Beauty Knowledge offered their hair and make up services to our models. Meanwhile, students who love Trocaire were able to show off their hands-on skills in their academic programs and enjoy different spots around campus and South Buffalo.

Beginning at Trocaire’s Transit location, we got some shots for the Hospitality Management and Nutrition and Dietetics programs. Here, a mock nutrition class was held, and the facility and kitchens were displayed in use. We were also able to photograph the labs and science equipment that are available to students. All photo ideas were welcomed, so even I had the opportunity to suggest ideas here and there.

I spoke to one of our two-day models–Abby Sullivan, who is a student in the Hospitality Management program–about the accuracy of the shoot as compared to her in-class experience. “It’s very realistic,” she said. “Serving one another like this is definitely something we would do in class.”

On day two, students in Nursing and other healthcare programs were photographed in action and some beautiful outdoor images were gathered at the Main Campus on Choate Avenue. I even had the opportunity to try my hand at photographing models! The process seemed like a great experience for everyone.


By Tierney McGilvray