Holly Peters Wins Spirit of Mercy Award

Nursing student Holly Peters recently won Trocaire’s Spirit of Mercy Award for her work at served at ACCESS of WNY, an Arab-American community center in Lackawanna.

With encouragement and guidance from the executive director of Access, Holly discovered that the women could benefit most from health-related teaching. She then designed and presented a heart-healthy workshop, arranged for Catholic Health‘s Mission on the Move van come onsite for blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetes assessments, and booked a representative from the American Heart Association to provide additional health information.

Following her experience, Holly received a number of texts from the executive director sharing the fact that her efforts had a positive impact on the women–in addition to holding a heart-healthy meal sharing event, many of the women were beginning to exercise.

Happy Nurses Week‚Ĩ to Holly and all the other amazing nurses out there–you make a difference!