Faculty Senate Announces Grant Recipients


Trocaire’s Faculty Senate would like to congratulate the following faculty members on submitting and receiving grant awards for the spring 2018 semester. This small stipend is to be used to promote initiatives and innovation in the classroom that will enhance student learning, engagement, and retention. Each application was blinded and reviewed by the Faculty Senate Innovative grant committee. and awards were granted based on the achievable goals of each project.

“It will certainly be an exciting semester with this many new classroom initiatives taking place,” said Faculty Senate President Dr. Jennifer Blickwedehl. “Be on the lookout for announcements of each grant recipient presentation, where grantees will share the data and lessons learned from their projects.”


Spring 2018 Faculty Initiative Grant Recepients:

Amy Przepasniak-Breski, Ph.D.: Integrating Problem-Based Learning & Scaffolding Assignments (PSY101)

Mohamed Ghazy, Ph.D.: Implementation of Active Problem-Solving Approach (BIO223)

  • Dr. Ghazy has chosen to defer his grant (if funds allow) to Fall 2018 due to course scheduling changes.

Susan Horrocks, Ph. D.: Implementation of New Research Techniques and Designs (PSY320)

Caryn Hufford: Using online recording for clinical experiences: implementation of ePortfolio software (DT206)

Bruce Maki, Ph.D.: Improving the flipped Laboratory to Enhance Outcomes (BIO130L)

Patricia Nirelli MSN, RN: Use of Collaborative Learning (NU122)

Anne Piorkowski, BA: Implementation of Open Educational Resources (HM103)

Kelly Wallace, Ph.D.: Implementation of ePortfolio software (BIO130)