Faculty Kick off Fall 2017 with Development Day

Keith Hughes, known for his popular “HipHughes” history videos on Youtube, presents to Trocaire faculty.

Trocaire faculty were invited to participate in the annual Fall Faculty Development Day, hosted by the Mary Clare Faculty Development Center (MCDC) on Aug. 16. The event was held at Trocaire’s recently renovatedTransit Road location, and approximately 40 faculty participated.

The day began with a generous breakfast hosted by the Trocaire library team.The guest facilitator was Keith Hughes, known for his innovative approach to education. Keith helped faculty make a “digital quilt” with teacher tips for a great new academic year, and faculty jumped in and participated! Other guest presenters included Trocaire’s own Dr. Daniel Nickolai, recipient of the Innovative Educator of the Year Award, as well as Rob Zdrojewski (screencasting) and Jenna Dulak (faculty training). A portion of the day was set up as “learning lab stations” where other areas of the college came to share new initiatives and changes related to faculty and student success.

A big hit was the food truck, Lomo Lomo, that brought their colorful truck and unique menu to offer us all a time to eat, collaborate, and share ideas for the new academic year.

The Mary Clare Development Center is so thankful for the support of Faculty Senate, the library team, faculty willing and able to attend and step up to participate, IT for their help to make the day run smoothly, and the wonderful folks at the Transit location, who willingly jumped in to help with the day. What a team!

The Mary Clare Development Center wishes all a successful year filled with learning, growth, “Aha!” moments and professional pride and satisfaction. Feel free to stop by the MCDC for an update if you were not able to attend, or to brainstorm strategies to ignite your teaching and empower your students!

– Marie Larcara, Mary Clare Center Coordinator