Expand Nursing Horizons with a Specialty Course from Trocaire; Perioperative Class Begins Aug. 24

Attention Registered Nurses: have you ever wanted to gain experience and education in a new nursing specialty? Trocaire’s Workforce Development Office is again offering that opportunity with its popular 15-week perioperative nursing course, beginning Aug. 24.

Perioperative nursing includes those activities performed by a professional registered nurse as he or she assists with patient care in the preoperative, intraoperative and postoperative phases of surgery. The perioperative nursing specialty course will provide both a formal classroom component and 10 days of hands-on clinical experience so registered nurses can gain the skills and knowledge necessary to transition into the field at the entry level.

Additional nursing specialty programs are being planned for the spring semester, in areas like pediatric nursing, emergency/trauma nursing, critical care nursing and more. Dean of Health Professions Dr. Linda Kerwin said these additional courses have been added due to interest voiced by nurses located all over the greater Buffalo area.

“This allows a licensed, professional, working nurse the opportunity to transition into a specialty nursing unit with relative ease,” she explained. “For instance, a nurse working on a regular medical unit interested in transitioning into maternity nursing would most likely be required to provide experience or education in order to qualify and advance into that role. Our maternity nursing specialty program could provide the needed experience that would open the door for that entry-level transition.”

Oftentimes, nurses train within a certain specialty as a student, which naturally progresses them into working in that specialty upon graduation. Exploring other specialties and gaining the experience necessary to transition into them mid-career can be a difficult and frustrating process.

“This is a great opportunity for nurses to specialize at the post-grad level,” added Director of Workforce Development Mollie Ballaro. “This gives them the experience they need to go to an employer or a potential employer and say ‘I now have hands-on experience in this setting.’ They can continue their education, capture their career dreams and then take the next steps to transition into the specialty.”

The course costs $1,250 and is a hybrid of online, classroom, laboratory and clinical components. The nursing specialty programs are non-credit bearing and award a certificate of completion at the conclusion of the 15 weeks.

For more information, contact Ballaro (716-827-2558) or Kerwin (716 827-2454). To register for this or any Workforce Development course, visit www.trocaire.edu/wd.