Constitution and Citizenship Day

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How well do you know your rights? With the 2020 Presidential Election coming up, join Student Life as we share resources on your rights and civic duties.

Happy Constitution & Citizenship Day!


On this day 233 years ago, the Founding Fathers signed the United States Constitution. 233 years later, the rights and responsibilities as US Citizens has made an impact on our society and in our communities. Today, the USCIS encourages Americans to reflect on the rights and responsibilities of citizenship and what it means to be a U.S. citizen.

How well do you know your rights?

Election Day is in 47 days.

One of our rights as a United States citizen is the right to vote in elections for public officials. Exercise your civic right and vote! There are different ways you can have your voice heard and help create positive change in your community:

  • Register to vote! Click here to learn more about the voter registration form and its deadlines.
  • Mark your calendar for Early Voting – which starts on Saturday, October 24 until Sunday, November 1 in New York State. Click here to view your polling place based on your county.
  • Request an Absentee Ballot (if you’re busy with work and classes, this is ideal! The last day to request an Absentee Ballot is October 27 and the last day to deliver the ballot in-person to your local board of elections or polling place is November 3).
  • Unsure of your political party? Check out iSideWith – a fun quiz that helps you navigate how your political beliefs match political parties and candidates. aims to educate voters without aligning themselves with any particular party, candidate, or interest group. It’s a great place to start when getting informed and educated on the issues and candidates themselves.
  • Unsure of who to vote for this election season? Check out VoteSmart and click “Presidential”. This is a great non-partisan tool to navigate potential candidates to vote for on November 3!