Enhanced Tuition Awards (ETA) | Excelsior Scholarship Programs

You may have heard about both the Enhanced Tuition Awards (ETA) and Excelsior Scholarship Programs. Both have been designed to help make higher education more accessible and affordable for students in NY State.

To avoid confusion, and learn about which is most applicable to you,
check out the information below to learn about each program.

Enhanced Tuition Awards (ETA)

Enhanced Tuition Awards of up to $6,000 are available for resident students enrolled in a private college in New York State. Not all private institutions are participating in this program; however Trocaire College has opted-in and is participating in this program, making the ETA program available for its students.


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Quick ETA Facts

NYS Resident Requirement
To be considered a NYS resident for purposes of receiving this award, you must have resided in the State for 12 continuous months prior to the term for which the award is being sought.


How Much Can Be Received
An Enhanced Tuition Awards recipient can receive up to $6,000 through a combination of their TAP award, ETA award and a match from their private college. For example, a student who receives a $1,000 TAP award would receive an additional $5,000 – half of which would be paid by the ETA and half by his or her college.


Other Requirements
Award recipients need to earn a passing grade to maintain their Enhanced Tuition Awards, provided they earn a total of 30 credits over the course of a year.
Recipients should keep in mind that they may have other awards which also carry academic standards that differ from those required for the Enhanced Tuition Awards.

Additional Questions | To Learn More
To learn more about the ETA program, check out the NY State Higher Education Services Enhanced Tuition Awards program website.
You can also click HERE or contact the Department of Financial Aid at Trocaire to learn more:

Financial Aid
Main Campus Room 113
360 Choate Avenue
Buffalo, NY 14220
Email: [email protected]
Fax: 716.828.6117

Excelsior Scholarship Program

The Excelsior Scholarship, in combination with other student financial aid programs, allows students to attend a SUNY or CUNY college tuition-free. This scholarship program is not applicable for students who wish to attend Trocaire College. Please refer to the information regarding the Enhanced Tuition Awards program above, which is available for qualifying students attending Trocaire.