Topics in Bioethics

This course will introduce students to various topics of the instructor’s choosing in the areas of Bioethics.  Bioethics can be seen as a branch of ethics, or more specifically, a branch of applied ethics.  In many ways bioethical disclosure presupposes ethical disclosure.  For this reason students will be introduced to an array of normative ethical theories and principles before embarking on a range of bioethical dilemma cases and topic areas.  The interdisciplinary nature of Bioethics also demands that students be introduced to the latest medical and scientific breakthroughs in areas such as stem cell research, cloning, regenerative medicine, and genetic screening.  The course will guide students through a wide range of bioethical issues which may include topics like abortion, euthanasia, embryonia stem cell research, cloning, scarce medical resources, and assisted reproduction.  Students will be expected to carry out their own original research in the arena of bioethics and will be asked to write a longer argumentive style essay in order to complete the course.