Disney Internship Experience

Also known as the Walt Disney World College Program, the Disney Internship Experience is designed to allow a Trocaire student to work in an industry position at Disney World in Orlando, Florida. This takes place during the fall or spring semester and students may take up to two classes from Disney to earn academic credit. This is a cooperative education experience designed to integrate classroom theory and practical work experience, lend increased relevancy to learning, and provide the student with realistic exposure to career opportunities with Disney. Interested students must attend the Disney presentation and apply for a Disney internship position. Candidates are interviewed and selected by the Disney Internship recruiter. Students generally work a minimum of 600 hours, and are required to submit a written journal and an oral presentation to the internship instructor. Disney will complete a performance evaluation on the student.  Students must meet all of the Disney requirements to enroll in this course. Expenses for travel, lodging and recreation will be incurred.

Course can be taken in place of HM276.