College to Reconnect with Alumni at ECMC through ‘Trocaire Travels’

Trocaire alumni are busy people, and commitments to both work and family can sometimes prevent them from attending events hosted by their alma mater. A new initiative by the college’s Institutional Advancement Office, “Trocaire Travels” was designed to meet alumni needs and offer them an opportunity to reconnect to Trocaire.

Aiming to foster a mutually beneficial relationship between the college and its graduates, members of the Trocaire community will be meeting alumni where they’re at: work! With the support of local employers, Trocaire Travels will be hosting mini alumni reunions on site at workplaces that employ Trocaire graduates to celebrate their post-graduation achievements.

The first Trocaire Travels event will take place at Erie County Medical Center on Wednesday, July 26. There will be a session from 7-9 a.m. and another from 9-11 p.m. to cater to as many alumni as possible, no matter what shift they work.

Staff from the Institutional Advancement Office, program and faculty representatives, and Trocaire Alumni Board members will be greeting  our ECMC alumna armed with plenty of food, lots of information about alumni benefits and Trocaire updates, and Trocaire Travels goodie bags. Alumni will also have the opportunity to update their contact information and get in the running for some nice prizes, and there will even be a prize wheel to spin just for stopping by!

“We hope that those that take part will see Trocaire’s sincere desire to remain a part of their life, and that they walk away with a renewed sense of pride in being a Trocaire graduate,” explained Deanna Rusek, development coordinator. “We are so excited to host our first event, and we are already seeking out our next venue.”