Clinical Instructor Shows Off Her Love of Teaching; More Instructors Needed

Trocaire Nursing Clinical Instructor Pauline Phillips-Soso loves her job–like, really loves it. Just check out her scrubs:

















“Nursing is a Work of Heart”

She works at Elderwood at Amherst, a facility that provides patients with rehabilitation, long-term care and skilled nursing services, as well as palliative, respite and memory care. Phillips-Soso is a clinical instructor for several groups of Trocaire students, including those in Practical Nursing and the AAS in Nursing program. She loves passing on her knowledge and skills to Trocaire’s nurses-in-training, and helping them learn how to put their compassion into action as a future professional.

“Nurses are teachers, advocates, exceptional caregivers, critical thinkers and innovators, and I am honored to be a part of this healthcare sector,” she said. “Knowledge is power, and there is no better way to show my passion for nursing than being a Nursing Clinical Instructor. When I am teaching, my goal is always to empower my students the best way I can so they will feel comfortable practicing in the clinical setting.””
















Great Need for Clinical Instructors

Trocaire is currently recruiting qualified nursing clinical instructors like Phillips-Soso, and clinical instructors across all healthcare disciplines. Pediatric clinical instructors are especially in demand. 

Clinical instructors are paid a highly competitive rate ($43-48/hour), and are part of how Trocaire helps educate the next generation of qualified and caring healthcare professionals. Those in this role supervise care provided by a group of students while they complete their clinical rotation in the instructor’s area of specialty.

“The goal of clinical education experiences at Trocaire College is to provide nursing students with multiple applied opportunities for demonstrating and integrating safe and professional knowledge, skills, and attitudes while engaged with a variety of patients and healthcare professionals,” the job posting reads.

These learning experiences occur under the supervision and mentorship of clinical faculty, who have the responsibility for teaching and evaluating the performance and competencies of the students.


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