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The Mercy mission shines on through Trocaire, Sister Margy

The Sisters of Mercy – founders of what is now called Trocaire College in 1958 – strive to carry out their mission of goodwill and benevolence while “guided by prayerful consideration of the needs of the time.” Sister Margaret Mary Gorman – a Buffalo native, Trocaire graduate and administrator and a member of the order since 1960 – has always lived a life centered on service to her faith. We learned more about Sister Margy and her order’s relationship with the school.

Scenes from the first day of the Fall 2014 semester

Summer may be coming to a close — but for Trocaire students, it’s an exciting time to begin a new semester. Kristin, a writer for the Trailblazer Blog, was on campus on Monday, Aug. 26 for the first day of the fall semester. She spoke with students about their return to life on campus.