Catching Up: A conversation with Marquita Young, Trocaire ’14

Earlier this semester, we introduced you to one of our Trailblazers, Marquita Young. Marquita is a 2014 graduate of our Computer Network Administration (CNA) program. We recently spoke to Marquita to learn more about her interest in computer network administration, her time at Trocaire and her plans for the future.

What interested you in the CNA field?

I liked computer network administration because I enjoy solving tech issues and being able to learn how to fix things on my own. I also like the customer service part of tech support. I like helping users resolve issues.

Why did you choose Trocaire?

I chose Trocaire because it was the best place for me as a nontraditional student. It geared me towards my specific career goal. When I was there, I had the opportunity to sit in the front of small classrooms and interact with students and professors.

What is your best memory as a student at Trocaire?

I would say my best memory was when we were able to build our own computer servers from the bottom up. We first learned how to build a computer, and then in our last class we learned how to build, configure and troubleshoot a server in an actual business environment.

Where are you working now? What’s your position and responsibilities?

I am actually celebrating my three year anniversary working at AAA! I began as a tier-1 technical support specialist and then was able to intern there as well while I was a student. Now that I am a graduate, I am a tier-2 technical support specialist. In this position I assist AAA associates from the Buffalo, Rochester and Syracuse areas. I provide technical support and troubleshoot computers, laptops and printers.

Congratulations on your three-year anniversary! What’s next for you?

My long-term goal is to work in system administration. In that role I would maintain servers, websites, software and all programs for a company.

Is it challenging to be a woman working in a field that is traditionally male?

It can be challenging at times, but it’s something we will overcome when more women join the field. I actually liked when I was the only woman in the office, because it gave me the chance to show the guys I could do the work, too.

To learn more about CNA program options at Trocaire College, visit our computer network administration page. Interested in nontraditional careers in technology? Visit our website.