Student Advising Resources

Your Academic Advisor is Your Partner for Student Success

Academic advising is a collaborative relationship between a student and an academic advisor. The purpose of this collaboration is to assist students in developing meaningful educational goals that are consistent with their personal interests, values and abilities. Effective academic advising also encourages students to utilize the extensive network of academic support services available on campus.

Academic advising is mandatory for all students at Trocaire College. Advisor assignments are emailed to students during the second week of classes each semester informing them of their assigned advisor’s name and contact information. Students must meet with their advisor each semester to plan their program of study and be unlocked for on-line registration. In addition, students are encouraged to contact their advisor with questions and/or concerns at any time in the semester

The student and the academic advisor each has unique responsibilities in the advising relationship.

Student and Advisor Responsibilities

Students are expected to:

  • Meet with their advisor within the first four weeks of their first semester at the college.
  • Meet with their advisor each semester (October/March) to discuss course registration for the next semester and to be unlocked for on-line registration.
  • Come prepared to their advisement meetings with questions or material for discussion, i.e.,course selections, degree audit, etc.
  • Respond to advisor communications regarding Academic Alerts and Mid-Term Warnings.
  • Clarify their personal values and goals and provide their advisor with accurate information regarding their career interests.
  • Acquire the skills needed to assume final responsibility for course scheduling, program planning, and the successful completion of all graduation requirements.
  • Be an active learner and gather all relevant decision-making information as suggested by their advisor and course instructors.
  • Read their email regularly and use the eStudent portal to access important college resources.
  • Ask questions if they do not understand an issue or have a specific concern.
  • Accept responsibility for their decisions

Academic Advisors are expected to:

  • Discuss students’ career and personal goals and specific interest in the chosen major.
  • Provide clear and accurate information regarding program prerequisites and requirements.
  • Meet with all advisees each semester (October/March) to discuss course registration for the next semester.
  • Unlock/enable advisees for on-line registration following the advisement appointment.
  • Discuss the student’s plan for success and potential for progressing to the next semester in good standing.
  • Offer an alternate major suggestion if a student is having difficulty reaching the goals for the chosen major.
  • Meet with advisees on academic probation early in the semester to help them identify the issues and situations contributing to their academic difficulty.
  • Follow up with all Academic Alerts and Midterm Warning notices that their assigned advisees receive.
  • Refer students to appropriate campus student support services whenever necessary

Course Planning

Planning for course registration keeps you on track for graduation, helps to give you the best choice of classes and class times, and assists you with avoiding fees associated with late registration. Students should review their Degree Audit in eStudent to determine what requirements are outstanding for graduation and then discuss these courses with their academic advisor. It is in your best interest to enroll in classes as soon as you are able to register.

How and when do I register for classes?

Currently Enrolled Students

Current Trocaire students are notified of the registration period at the beginning of each semester and will register themselves via the online registration system in eStudent. Prior to registration, students must first meet with their academic advisor to discuss course selection and be unlocked to register online. Students are not able to register without first meeting with their advisor. In addition, students must resolve any Holds on their student account; some Holds will prevent registration for the next semester. All Holds may be viewed in the eStudent portal.

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Online Registration How-To Video

New Freshmen, Transfer & Readmit Students

Students new to Trocaire College and previously enrolled readmitted students are eligible to register once the following steps are complete:

  1. Confirm enrollment with Admissions
  2. Submit required health records to the Health Records Office
  3. Complete the on-line New Student Orientation module in Moodle

Registration for new freshmen, transfer and readmit student begins in April for the summer and fall semesters and in November for the spring semester. Once all of the above steps are complete, students must call the Advisement & Student Service Center at (716) 827-2577 to schedule an advisement appointment with a Student Service Advisor. At this meeting students will discuss their academic goals, develop a course schedule, and register for courses.

Online-Registration-Instructions FA-21
Online Registration How-To Video