Experience photo-realist works of art at Trocaire College

20A_albright_knoxDedicated on November 18, 2004 by artist Dr. V. Roger Lalli, Trocaire College is honored to be the home to the signed lithographs of all 42 photo-realist works from his series, Buffalo, My City, Watercolors. Currently, the entire original collection is in temporary storage awaiting a prominent and permanent venue so that future generations will share in the brilliance of buffalo’s architectural jewels.

The gift of these prints signifies a special bond between Trocaire and Dr. Lalli, which was forged through the mutual desire of both, to celebrate the virtue, tradition, heritage and history of Buffalo and its people. The 42 paintings, as envisioned and created by the artist from 1989 to 1999, symbolize, in numeric analogy, the 42-square-miles that comprise the City of Buffalo.

The Gallery Experience
The lithographs in the gallery are arranged so that you, our gallery visitor, may experience the maturity of Dr. Lalli’s technique as he developed it over time, from the first work in his series, “1-A PASSING ERA, Emslie Street, looking toward Clinton Street,” painted in 1989, shown above, to the last work, “42-A MARINE MIDLAND ARENA, Main Street, near South Park Avenue,” painted in 1999 and portrayed below. (Paintings with an “A” designation are part of the Buffalo, My City series.) Dr. Lalli’s book, The Buffalo Architectural Watercolors, & reproductions of his original works may be obtained directly from the publisher, Boncraft printing Group 716.662.9720. The book contains all 42 watercolors in the “Buffalo, My City” Collection plus additional works by the artist.

About Dr. V. Roger Lalli
Dr. V. Roger Lalli was born in South Buffalo on May 27, 1922. He attended Buffalo Public Schools 28 and 82 and later graduated from Kensington High School in 1940. On his graduation from high school, Dr. Lalli was awarded the John Sattler Scholarship to the Buffalo Fine Arts Academy (also known as the Albright Art School). While at the academy, he earned the coveted Isabelle Ross Award for Excellence in Drawing for a charcoal rendering of the great Renaissance artist, Michelangelo Buonarroti’s sculpture, Duke Guiliano.

36A_delaware_park_casinoEarning several degrees in secondary education, culminating with his doctorate, Dr. Lalli embarked on a distinguished and rewarding teaching career which included the Buffalo Public Schools, Rosary Hill (now Daemen) College, and Amherst Central High School.