2019 Faculty Initiative Grant Spotlight: Dr. Susan L. Horrocks

susan-horrocksName and Credentials:

Susan L. Horrocks, Ph.D. Ed,M. B.A., Professor Psychology


Course Grant is Being Developed in:

PSY 102-OL1


Other Courses Taught:

General Psychology

Developmental Psychology

Human Sexuality

Health Psychology

Social Psychology

Research Methods: Techniques and Design


College Seminar


Faculty Initiative Grant project:

As Developmental Psychology is a lifespan course, one of the outcomes is to understand and apply the various aspects of the Psychosocial Theory through all the stages of human development. One way that students demonstrate both of these outcomes, and another the research process, is to act as a researcher and conduct a case study of an individual that has aged through at least nine of the eleven stages. The “big picture” is to create a different project where students can demonstrate their understanding of human development through Charting the Life Course of an individual over age 60 (as in the Case Study). Traditionally, this course has a formally written paper. Creating a different project that meets the course outcomes that have been met by a scholarly paper is a unique chance to be both a researcher and creative in the same assignment.


How will this project benefit Student Success?

Considering Bloom’s Taxonomy, the traditional case study paper allows the students the chance to for Knowledge and Comprehension, moving toward Analysis. The creation of a Life Course Chart ideally will move students to higher order thinking into Analysis, and on to Synthesis and the beginnings of Evaluation. This is relevant for both academics (the class objectives) and future career, as many students in PSY 102 take it as a component of the Nursing Programs (PN and RN). A deeper understanding of the interaction of the Psychosocial Theory and the personal, family, and career interaction of life should give students a different view of the impact of life experiences specifically, the Psychological and Societal Systems on the Biological System.



State University at New York (SUNY) at Buffalo

  • Ph.D. Counselor Education
  • Ed.M. (& CAS) School Counseling
  • BA Media Studies & English


Time at Trocaire:

I began teaching in August 2007.

Teaching Philosophy:

Education is about motivation, personal choice, and career objectives. Teaching is simply helping students obtain an education by assisting them through the process of making sound choices by creating a motivating atmosphere throughout the process of achieving these goals.


Research/Academic Interests:

  • Psychometrics; assessing motivation and educational and career interest
  • The research process
  • Effective teaching methods



Faculty Initiative Grant (SP 2018): To Promote Innovation in the Classroom

Faculty Initiative Grant (SP 2016): Creative Applications for Echo360 and the Virtual Classroom

Honors Convocation Speaker – Trocaire College, 2011

Vicki Bowman Outstanding Graduate Student Award, 2004


Hobbies/Interests outside of work:

Last year I began taking piano lessons and I enjoy spending time with and walking my longhair mini-dachshund Jayne. Also, I can usually be found reading murder mysteries.