10 Big Trocaire Questions: Fall 2014 Edition (Part 2)

In part one of our 10 Big Trocaire Questions series, we met a pair of students participating in the Daemen College / Trocaire College 1-2-1 program. Kayla and Christina were new to Trocaire, but they weren’t new to college life — each had a year of experience at Daemen in their bookbags.

Our second round of interview subjects, however, are all true freshmen. Let’s get their take on their first six weeks of higher education.

Talking Trocaire: 10 Questions for Brittany, Savannah and Alicia

Brittany Boyes, Alicia Rinard and Savannah Armenia at Trocaire College

Meet the students:

Name: Brittany Boies (left)
Major: Nursing
Year: Freshman
Hometown: Springville
High School: Springville
Twitter: @brittboies

Name: Alicia Rinard (center)
Major: Nursing
Year: Freshman
Hometown: Springville
High School: Springville
Twitter: @msalicialouise

Name: Savannah Armenia
Major: Nursing
Year: Freshman
Hometown: Springville
High School: Springville
Twitter: @vanna765

1. What class are you coming from?

BB: I’m going to college seminar. I was in psychology. That’s been interesting. We’ve been learning about schizophrenia, and the different personalities that people can have.

SA: I’m going to philosophy, and just came from psychology. What have I learned that’s interesting? I’ve learned why I’m nearsighted, and how your eyeball, the shape of it, affects how you’re nearsighted. If your eyeball is longer, you’re nearsighted, and if it’s shorter, you’re farsighted.

AR: I’m coming from psychology and going to philosophy. Psychology has helped me to make a lot of connections with anatomy. Smaller things — like the structure of the neuron, or the way the eye works — that type of thing has made anatomy easier.

2. What led the three of you to attend Trocaire?

BB: I want to be a nurse, and I heard that Trocaire was a good school with a good nursing program.

SA: I heard a lot of good things about Trocaire. Everyone I know who knew someone who came here, or who actually came here themselves, had only good things to say about Trocaire.

AR: I came to an open house, and I really liked the lab. I really liked the teachers. Overall, I heard a lot of positive things about Trocaire — our BOCES teacher talked a lot about Trocaire — all good reviews.

3. What’s the last good movie you saw?

BB: The Purge 2. I love scary movies. I liked the first one, too.

SA: The Maze Runner, I guess. That’s the last movie I saw.

AR: The last movie I watched was The Great Gatsby, but the last good movie I saw was If I Stay. I’m a big reader, and I liked the book — and I thought the movie was a good adaptation. I actually liked Gatsby, too.

4. How was your weekend?

BB: It was fine. I went to my old high school’s homecoming football game.

SA: I went to the football game, too.

AR: I had to work most of my weekend. I’m a home health care aid. I got my vehicle fixed, after it got hit, after being on the road for two days. I enjoyed the weather, I suppose. The weather was nice. (laughs)

5. Who’s your favorite Trocaire instructor?

BB: Ms. (Amy) Breski, because she explains everything really clearly. She teaches my psychology and college seminar classes.

SA: Diane Wickham — she’s my lab teacher. I like the way she teaches.

AR: I’d have to say Ms. Breski, because of how she makes (psychology) so relatable to my other subjects. She’s really descriptive and does a good job of explaining things really deeply to make sure everyone understands her from all points of view.

6. What has surprised you about Trocaire?

BB: They offer a lot more services than I thought they would. They have free tutoring services, for instance, which I like.

SA: I like how small the classes are. It feels like the same size as a high school class. There’s a lot of time for open discussion and conversation in class – I like that.

AR: There are a lot of tutoring centers and places to go for help. The teachers are willing to help you if you stay after class or go up to the Palisano Center. There’s always help around.

7. Bills fans? Any thoughts on the team?

BB: Yes, but I couldn’t watch this past game (a 23-17 loss to Houston), I was working. I heard they lost. It’s pretty sad.

SA: I’m a fan, but I don’t get around to watching the games very often. If I do, I’ll root for them. I didn’t watch this past week — I went out to the movies instead.

AR: Yes. EJ Manuel is the reason why the Buffalo Bills lost that a game. He just can’t place the ball. I think he sees where the ball is supposed to go, he just can’t get it there. His passes are low, he gets his receivers laid out — he’s just not that good.

8. What’s one good insider tip about Trocaire you’ve learned in your first month?

BB: There’s not a lot of places to park. I actually got a ticket today! The Commons is a good place to study, though.

SA: If you want different food, there’s an underground tunnel that takes you to Mercy Hospital, and there’s a small food court over there.

AR: Your homework and your reading – do it. It will help make class a lot easier to understand. And review it again after class, because it will stick in your head better.

9. What piece of advice do you have for new students, or people thinking about becoming students?

BB: Don’t procrastinate. It hurts you in the end.

SA: Go to your classes and do your work. Definitely keep up with it.

AR: You have to rely on yourself more. The teachers aren’t going to spoon-feed you like they do in high school. You need to go on Moodle. You need to keep up. But at the same time, classes here are pretty small. It’s a lot more intimate and you get to see your teachers and interact with them more. I like that — but just make sure you do your work!

10.What’s your favorite social network, and why?

BB: Twitter. It just keeps going by.

SA: I like Instagram. I don’t know, it’s easy.

AR: Instagram and Twitter. It depends on my mood that day, I guess. Some days I like to look at pictures, and some days I like to see everyone’s drama.


Many thanks to Brittany, Alicia and Savannah for taking time away from their break between classes to talk. Remember to follow Trocaire College on Twitter at @TrocaireCollege.